Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I am a horrible blogger right now. The scale said 328 this morning so I am doing OKAY in that aspect since I am not GAINING weight.

In the last 2/3 months WORK has NEVER been busier. I mean in all the 40 years of my existence I have NEVER been busier with anything. We've got two MAJOR projects going on at the same time and have doubled our workload, added employees and taken on a WHOLE lot more. Its actually been good, I enjoy the challenge and the time has FLOWN by but its just TOO Busy. I think we've finally got all the major items fixed and running and it finally feels as though I may be able to breathe again... :-)

We're actually heading out on VACATION on the 1st for 10 days. This is the vacation originally scheduled for the first week in JUNE that I ended up postponing so it is definitely OVERDUE. We are not going far, just into IOWA and pulling our camper but its just EXACTLY what we wanted to do. Get away and RELAX. ( )

BE ON THE LOOK out because my WINTER CONDITIONING program will be kicking off shortly after LABOR day and by the time the start of next summer comes around you WONT RECOGNIZE ME...

FTF and Keep the Faith...

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Challenge

I really petered out at the end and over the last three weeks of this challenge. The word on the street is that now we are having a Labor Day Challenge. I am game and ready to keep moving forward with MORE determination. I do want 300 by the end of the year so its time to PUT UP OR SHUT UP.