Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 - Week Seven - "The WAGON Broke"

Today's Weight = 326.2 (+2.6wtd/-34.8ytd)

I averaged 1996 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 44%, Fat - 30%, Protein - 21% and Alcohol - 5%.

I really don't have a lot to say this week. I had a gain this week and for the most part the week was good, I did cardio three times and lifted twice and overall maintained a good healthy outlook throughout the week. With a Monday morning weigh in it is important to make Saturday's count and I didn't do great this past Saturday. Yes I did have a few drinks and had a great time out at Clancey's on Saturday night. Got home and proceeded to GRAZE like a COW and got what I deserved at this weigh in this week, so be it. Actually it felt like a burden had been lifted after the three or four scotches and three or four beers, oh well, so the wagon isn't for me. Moderation is key here and I have no issue with it moving forward. You have weeks where your body doesn't respond as well as you would think and its really just your body and not your week, look at the Biggest loser folks, some can post a gain while working out 5/6 hours a week and being directly supervised for their nutrition. Honestly I am not at all worried about reverting to old habits cause this process is here to stay.

I knew that DAMN wagon wasn't very sturdy but I gave it a shot....

Although I didn't help our team goal this week I am expecting good things this week.

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2009 - Week Six - Mental Stamina

Today's Weight - 323.8 (-3.6wtd/-37.4ytd)

I averaged 1933 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 47%, Fat - 30%, Protein - 23% and Alcohol - 0%. I don't really have a lot to say about my breakdown as it's so much better than it has been at times in the past. I will plan a little better this week to get the fat down a bit and the protein up a bit. I really like the mix of foods I am trying to eat and have kind of gotten into a routine with chicken, steamed veggies etc. Some of the snacks type foods i have to much on are higher in carbs, maybe I'll look for something with less carbs and more protein BUT I don't want to up the caloric intake with these either. The Quaker Oats type are only 90 calories and some of the bars with higher protein are higher calorie and more like meal replacements. We'll see.

I have to say I am physically feeling pretty good, more stamina and strength. I hit the gym 3 times last week for 3 sets of cardio and two upper body weight lifting sessions. I went with Eric to 24 hour fitness on Sunday night and really enjoyed that as well. The only draw back to that is that it takes a lot more time away than working out at the office or at home BUT, it sure is nice physically working out with someone else and having a full array of choices for your workout. The steam room, sauna and whirlpool were nice at the end of the workout as well.

My mental stamina is pretty good as well, I can walk away from bad choices for the most part and can keep away from the fast food and bad foods in general. Choices are a bit easier to make although I did have three cookies yesterday. :-) I've also only had fast food ONCE since Jan 5th and that was a single kids burger (no cheese) and 5 chicken nuggets. Once in six weeks is SO much better than 4 or 5 times a week... I'll take it...

My general mental outlook today is a little down in the dumps, I really can't pinpoint why or what I can do to change it. Work is good, home life is good, fitness routine is good, family and friends are all well. Maybe it was just one of those days where I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. This is BY FAR not the norm for me - the glass is truly half full. We'll grind through the day and get a good work out in later today and look forward to a better day tomorrow...

My goals this week are to workout 4 times this week and keep my calories at 1850 average for the week.

Thanks for listening...

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT...

Monday, February 9, 2009

2009 - Week Five - Ignore the PAIN...

Today's Weight - 327.4 -8/-33.6

I averaged 1695 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 46%, Fat - 31%, Protein - 23% and Alcohol - 0%. I really feel my nutritional focus was the best it has been in a LONG time last week. I didn't really waver or do anything to sabotage myself last week. The temptation was there, let me tell you but holding steadfast to the goal at hand is very doable and something I want more than anything right now. I really don't fear being too restrictive with my nutrition and actually this week is about the farthest I really want to push it at this time. I am comfortable with my intake, my body has adjusted to the amount of food I am giving it and I really don't have any big issues with hunger anytime. 1700 calorie average in real terms would bet the equivalent of eating over 5 six inch subway club (wheat bread) sandwiches (with no cheese) but pile on the veggies EACH Day. Stack it up on the counter and that really is a LOT of food.

I have to say my workouts were better than they have been in a LONG time last week. I was in the gym 4 times and had two lifting sessions and 4 GREAT cardio sessions. My bike riding totaled 110 minutes last week at 15+ miles per hour with a medium resistance on the fat burning program OR JUST enough to make me want to die finishing it. :-) Although, after Friday I do feel that I can push up the time on it starting next week if all goes well this week. One thing that really helps me during cardio is to program some motivational and hard charging music into the mp3 player and to CRANK IT UP and just simply gain focus and IGNORE THE PAIN....

Enough rambling for now...

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT...

Monday, February 2, 2009

January 2009 Recap

In looking at the overall picture I have to be happy with the way January turned out. I dropped 25.4 pounds and I now have clothes that feel a LOT more comfortable. I've gained strength and was able to hit 30 minutes of cardio on the bike by the end of the month after starting out feeling like death at 12 minutes. They say the tortoise will always win the race with a slow and steady pace.

Jan Counts
Ave Cal - 1989/day
Ave Fat - 27%
Ave Carb - 49%
Ave Protein - 23%
Alcohol Consumption - ZERO

One thing I am going to add into the mix starting tomorrow is measuring my body fat. I have the machine at home collecting dust. I NEED it for my MENTAL Health, progress will keep me motivated and as I continue to strength train the scale will no doubt give me the finger at times but measuring my fat WONT...

2009 - Week Four - Overcoming Obstacles

Today's Weight - 335.4 (+.4/-25.4)

I averaged 2187 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 44%, Fat - 30%, Protein - 26% and Alcohol - 0%. ONE DAY ruined my week. We went on our first camping trip of the season this past weekend. The good news is that my protein crept up a little but the bad news was that some of it was a LOT of bacon and sausage. My fat intake obviously went up as well.

The weather was to be nice and we had a case of cabin fever so we packed up on Friday and went to one of the local state parks. Saturday morning included a breakfast buffet and poorly scheduled meals throughout the day. Saturday was one BIG NAHD and at the time I felt I did good but after counting it all up I was over 3300 calories for the day. Its not like I went crazy or anything BUT after doing so well up to that point this was my first real disappointment. I've kind of had the mentality to try to avoid situations where I will fail and I let myself be put into that position this past weekend and I all I can say is that I am disappointed. I know I cant be perfect all the time but I really feel as though i let myself down. I know, I know, I shouldn't shoot myself or be so hard on myself but dammit anyway.

OVERCOMING OBSTACLES - I know that as being humans we are destined to fail over an over again but the judge of ones character is what we learn and how we overcome our failures. I've been there before and learned it in the past, time after time after time after time. My frustration is at my failure even though I know there will be times where things just don't go as planned. I have a hard time looking past the failure to the other six days of the week where I really did pretty good. I guess I should look on the positive side because to me the glass is generally half full. I did have a great weekend with my family and we did have some fun sitting in the lodge by the windows in the sun eating breakfast and enjoying the beautiful day.

Until next time - Keep the Faith and (I will continue to) Fight the FAT... (5 pounds this week)