Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back in the SADDLE of the NEVER ending battle.

Sorry I haven't made any entries into this blog lately. Denial is easy and if you don't talk about it it will go away right.... RIIIIIIIGGGGGGGHHHHHHHTTTTTT.

Its a never ending battle and once I get my frail little mind wrapped around that I will have more success.

Well the family workout plan in August didn't do it for me, my motivation lacked and so did the rest of the families. I really kind of slacked in September so far too.

We'll with the new season of the Biggest Loser I am back at it. Last week was the season premier and it was awesome. Anyhow I am weighing in on Wednesday mornings after the show and last week I was at 347.8 so SLACKING I HAVE DONE PLENTY of as of late. Back to the moderation of my diet this week and back to working out more often. We'll see what we can do, I obviously don't anticipate keeping up with some of these folks cause they obviously are working out 4/5 hours a day and are supervised 24 hours a day but I DO want to do better than at least one or two of them every week. You know what, if I could afford to take off work and make it onto that show I would be a MACHINE. Anyhow.... Now you know where I am and where I am headed. We'll see what tomorrow mornings weigh in brings - I anticipate good things...

Keep the Faith and Fight the FAT


By the WAY, I am 42 today, feeling physically 62 and mentanlly 22, so I guess there is some good and some bad... :-)