Friday, October 31, 2008

FRIDAY Weigh In - 10/31/08

Today: 336.6
Last Time: 338.4
Week Lost: 1.8
Month Lost: 18.0
Lost Since OCT 1st: 18.0
Max Density: 418.0
Total Lost since MAX: 81.4 lbs.
Current Goal: 299.9 before Jan 1, 2009
To Goal: 36.7
To Achieve:
68 Days/ .60 lbs per day
8 Weeks: 4.58 lbs per week
2.0 Months: 18.35 lbs per month

Progress I guess. We'll the next two months have to be better to be where I want to be. The thing of it is I watched my food intake pretty well last week but didn't get to the gym or on the bike or anything extra. I AM GOING for this goal so this weekend I will get everything in order to become a workout FOOL for the next two months. If you don't combine working out with managing your consumption then you are really HALF ASSING it. I Guess that's what I did for the month of October SO, CARDIO and WEIGHTS and a BUNCH of walking here I come. I can be happy with an 18 pound month but wont be happy if I don't have a 20 pound month in November.

Why is it so DAMN hard to do the right thing. I guess I have to work better on keeping the temptations at bay and getting my will power in full gear. When it really comes right down to it WILL POWER is the key.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Weigh In - 10/24/08

Today: 338.4
Last Time: 339.6
Week Lost: 1.2
Month Lost: 16.2
Lost Since OCT 1st: 16.2
Max Density: 418.0
Total Lost since MAX: 79.6 lbs.
Current Goal: 299.9 before Jan 1, 2009
To Goal: 38.5
To Achieve: 68 Days/ .57 lbs per day
9 Weeks: 4.27 lbs per week
2.25 Months: 17.11 lbs per month

Weekly progress was not what I expected but I did maintain the correct direction. I need to pop off a good week this week to keep my momentum. I had one major bad day last week where I ate Chinese for lunch anticipating a good rest of the day and ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings that night. I also had a bad day camping with a new variation of Peach Cobbler :-). It's Valerie and Alyssa's favorite place to eat, not to mention mine as well. We'll keep plugging away and I plan on a good week this week. 3.5 lbs this week and I would be fired up. Oh, yea, I forgot to do any structured exercise last week so that's dumb on my part.

Everyone KEEP working hard and continue Fighting the FAT and Keep the Faith.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

10/17 Weigh In

MOVING my weigh in day to Friday Mornings.

Today: 339.6
Last Monday: 342.8
Week Lost: 3.2
Month Lost: 15
Lost Since OCT 1st: 15
Max Density: 418.0
Total Lost since MAX: 78.4 lbs.
Current Goal: 299.9 before Jan 1, 2009
To Goal: 39.7
To Achieve: 75 Days/ .52 lbs per day
10 Weeks: 3.97 lbs per week
2.5 Months: 15.88 lbs per month

A little party last weekend derailed me a bit but still on track. Extra walking and focused on calorie intake is working and will continue to work. Looking for a 5 pound week this week. Anything more than that really isn't healthy at all and even that is pushing it. Losing 5 lbs for a 340 pounder is the same as losing 2.5 for 180 pounder so its not too extreme. I contribute HUGE loss the first week to basically SHOCKING my system with exercise and food restriction so I won't see another one like that but that's the norm. Moving weigh ins to Friday will help keep my head in the game better as Monday mornings can tend to be risky with weekend activities and I always do better during the week with my focus and structure...

Keep fighting baby.

FTF and Keep the Faith - Bc

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Health Fair Results

We had our health fair today at work and I had a few things checked as I always do. Here are the results as they were made aware to me today:

Total Cholesterol - 108
Blood Sugar - 85
Blood Pressure - 130/84

Now if I could JUST do something about that "3" in front of my weight....


Monday, October 6, 2008

10/6 Weigh In - WHOA.....

Today: 342.8
Last Monday: 354.6
Week Lost: 11.8
Month Lost: 11.8
Max Density: 418.0
Total Lost since MAX: 75.2 lbs.
Current Goal: 299.9 before Jan 1, 2009
To Goal: 42.9
To Achieve: 86 Days/.49lbs per day
12 Weeks: 3.58 lbs per week
3 Months: 14.3 lbs per month (rough)

I've got to say I had my most focused week in at least the last 6 months last week. I went back to the fitday tracker and that sure makes me accountable. Tracking all you intake throughout the days and week makes it much clearer to see where you are headed.

Even with great focus I had a couple of bad moments during the week. I had a few drinks on Friday night and then again on Saturday. Those empty calories and the lack of focus that usually comes after them arn't any good for anybody, BUT thats me and thats who I am. My goal was to maintain about 2000 caloreis a day for the week and the weekly average came in at about 2200 even with the extra drinks. Extra walking, exercise and really very limited soda intake and cut down on caffine as well will pay dividends.

350LBS on a 1800 - 2200 a day restriction is definately a recipet for success. We'll keep with that focus for this week. I plan to continue with extra physical activity this week and will get into the weight room as well for a planned focus lifting session a couple times this week.

Planning ahead I know I am going out with the boys this weekend (Will be at homecoming in WAYNE America for 3 days) and will definately have the opportunity to overinduldge some so EXTRA focus early in the week a key here too. Better choices during the upcoming weekend will help too, grilled chicken breast sandwich as opposed to the double whopper at the fast food joint and staying away from GODFATHERS BUFFET will be part of the goal. Once back in the day I set a record in my group for eathing 17 pieced of Pizza at that buffet. It still gets talked about from time to time....

FTF and Keep the Faith...


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


You all know the definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That's pretty much been the YO-YO for me the past few month; have a good week or two and drop 3 pounds and then have a bad week and gain 5 pounds. Can't go one step forward and two back and EVER get anywhere.

A few observations and goals for Oktoberfest; some are very simple but important.

A. Parking - Why is it that everyone always tries to find the closest parking stall to the door, weather it be at the office, at the mall or at the grocery store. I paced it off yesterday from my normal spot at the office (as close as I can get to the door) its about 82 paces to my office. This morning I parked at the furthest spot from the front door and its 220 paces to my office. That's 270% more walking than before. 3 Trips each day was 246 paces and is now 660 paces NO BRAINER...

B. Working out with both weights and cardio a minimum of 3 times a week and doing something a little extra on "non workout" days such as a lap around the building or a couple of laps at the mall.

C. 2000 Good calories a day is IT for now as well as a lot of good old fashion water and ONE pop a day at the MAX (if any).

D. I plan to be accountable to the FTF blog and most importantly myself. Remembering that MIND OVER MATTER is the key for me as well as making better choices.

E. No more talk, time to work, if it was easy everyone would be slim.

FTF and Keep the Faith... B

Tuesday Morning Weigh In

It all caught up with me. Too many temptations, too much birthday cake, too many drinks, too much bad food and too much unhealthy snacking... 354.6 on Tuesday morning.

OCTOBERFEST is ON - October will be the best month yet, I've said it before but I really mean it. I've actually set some goals and have gone back to my fitday account to start tracking my food and activities. It was the key to success before and it will get me back on track again. I was really starting to feel good at my birthday last year in the ballpark of 300 lbs so I guess I just felt I didn't have to try as much and look where I am now. 40 plus pounds up in one year basically... That's BS...

Keep the Faith and FTF.