Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Weigh In - 10/24/08

Today: 338.4
Last Time: 339.6
Week Lost: 1.2
Month Lost: 16.2
Lost Since OCT 1st: 16.2
Max Density: 418.0
Total Lost since MAX: 79.6 lbs.
Current Goal: 299.9 before Jan 1, 2009
To Goal: 38.5
To Achieve: 68 Days/ .57 lbs per day
9 Weeks: 4.27 lbs per week
2.25 Months: 17.11 lbs per month

Weekly progress was not what I expected but I did maintain the correct direction. I need to pop off a good week this week to keep my momentum. I had one major bad day last week where I ate Chinese for lunch anticipating a good rest of the day and ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings that night. I also had a bad day camping with a new variation of Peach Cobbler :-). It's Valerie and Alyssa's favorite place to eat, not to mention mine as well. We'll keep plugging away and I plan on a good week this week. 3.5 lbs this week and I would be fired up. Oh, yea, I forgot to do any structured exercise last week so that's dumb on my part.

Everyone KEEP working hard and continue Fighting the FAT and Keep the Faith.


"The Captain" said... is back on track. Good on your weight loss.

CactusFreek said...

How come you changed your weights to pound instead of kilos? Now i dunno whats going on with you. How much do you weigh now, in kilos?
Still keeping up the good fight :o)
What physical changes do you notice now?

CactusFreek said...

..Oh yea, i just remembered the weights were never in kilos. Don't mind me, just having a blonde moment lol

Spider63 said...

Good job losing a pound, you fat bastard!

By the way, I hope my comments motivate you. Over the years, there have been a few fat pussies (guys) who have literally gone bananas and quit blogging because I told them what fat gunts they were.

Feel free to return the favor, as I find it motivating to be called out about being an obese pig. It makes me angry and that is motivation to lose weight.