Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week 11 - Motivational Week

Today's Weight = 318.0 (-7.4 wtd/-43 ytd)

I averaged 2042 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 36%, Fat - 35%, Protein - 19% and Alcohol - 10%.

I made it to the gym three times last week and did cardio twice BUT had three great lifting sessions. Its kind of interesting I had LESS cardio than lifting for the week, nutrition was basically the same as the week before (no drastic differences) and I had a VERY successful week as far as the scale goes. SO, I am going to try to replicate last weeks efforts for this week, more lifting than cardio shooting for 4 lifting sessions and 2 cardio sessions and we'll see what happens. This week and last week combined gave me an 11 pound loss in two weeks but the previous week was almost a 6 pound gain (that week was also a HIGH calorie week SO) so I'll be on the guard this week cause a couple of good weeks tend to be followed by a bad week for me. Not going to let that happen this week. 2000 cal average, 4 lifting sessions and 2 cardio sessions. I even had a couple of drinks too many on Saturday night last week so we'll aim for that again this week... :-)

SKIP IT - One tidbit that helps me trim calories each week is using mustard instead of mayo on things, now I am lucky because i actually like mustard so that helps but YOU'D be amazed as the calories you can save by changing this practice. I know, a lot of people cant stand mustard and LOVE their mayo BUT too BAD, if you are serious and want a little helper consider the following using ONE ounce measurements:

Mustard (M)had 19 calories and 1.1 grams of fat - Regular Mayo (RM) has 203 calories and 22.2 grams of fat - Diet or Low Calorie Mayo (LCM) even has 66 calories and 5.4 grams of fat.

Some things to consider:

You "healthy" turkey sandwich on two pieces of whole wheat bread will be in the neighborhood of 225 calories dry, now add one ounce of M and you get 244 calories and low fat to boot, on the other hand add one ounce of RM and you've almost doubled your caloric intake to almost 430 calories and close to 30 grams of fat. Even using LCM you increase your calories close to 300.

Big Deal, Hog WASH you say. Well even at ONE turkey on whole wheat sandwich a week for 52 weeks a year you will save close to 10,000 calories in a years time. Make that two sandwiches a week and you are looking at 20,000 calories in a years time. HUMMMMMM, I think you get my picture, seems like a no brainer to me...

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT


PS: I've been told I am looking good several times in the last few days in the office, I guess I must be making progress...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Week 10 - The Right Direction

Today's Weight = 325.4 (-3.6 wtd/-35.6 ytd)

I averaged 1967 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 40%, Fat - 33%, Protein - 21% and Alcohol - 5%.

I had hoped for more after last weeks major set back but I'll take it. Saturdays are a key day when weigh ins are on Monday and Saturday was by far my worst day so I can be happy with the loss this week. I actually only worked out twice last week so I pretty much got what I deserved. My nutrition was really good with the exception of Saturday so with two more workouts and a good Saturday it could have been a couple of pounds more. Oh, Well, we are moving in the right direction and overall since the 5th of January I am down over 35 pounds so, once again I'll take it.

Doesn't look like we'll make our 100 pounds by the masters trip but 80 would still be pretty darn good, actually the progress we've made overall is really pretty darn good.

Trying to regain a little focus this week and hit 4 workouts and NO BAD days nutritionally so we'll see how that goes.

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT - Bc

Monday, March 9, 2009

Week 9 - Rebound

Today's Weight = 329.0 (+5.6 wtd/-32.0 ytd)

I averaged 2690 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 33%, Fat - 36%, Protein - 19% and Alcohol - 12%.

I had a great time this weekend with some great friends and I paid come Monday morning weigh in. I had a 5000 calorie day on Friday and you know what, it is what it is. It's NOT the end of the world and I wont wine, complain, bitch and moan, or anything else. It was a much needed break, now back to the business at hand. If I had to do it all again I would.

End of Story...

Fight the Fat and Keep the Faith...

Monday, March 2, 2009

February 2009 Recap

Like I said in my weekly post for week Eight. I am SATISFIED in how February went. I made a 12 pound loss on the scale and set a personal best in distance on the bike in 30 minutes, 8.04 miles. Its kind of insane getting to 8 miles in 30 minutes for me because I really feel like I cant pedal any faster, I am usually alone in the gym when doing this and its a good thing because anyone witnessing this would probably call 911 and tell them to come pick up the escapee from the asylum.

Feb Counts
Ave Cal - 1905/day
Ave Fat - 29%
Ave Carb - 46%
Ave Protein - 23%
Alcohol Consumption - 1%
Feb Weight Loss - 12lbs.
2009 Weight Loss - 37.6lbs.
2009 Weekly Average - 4.7lbs

I decided now was a good time to start tracking my Body Fat % on a MONTHLY basis moving forward. I own a hand held OMRON (sp) unit that I will use moving forward, I know this machine can fluctuate and I will put it back in the drawer until April 1st when I dust it off again. I know I have gained some good muscle mass in the last couple of months so now as it gets tougher to lose weight I want to be able to talk about Lean Body Mass as well.

March 2nd = 33.3%
Weight = 323.4
Fat Pounds = 107.6 lbs.
Lean Body Mass = 215.7 lbs.

SO if I could magically take my body fat to ZERO (obviously not healthy) I would weigh 215 and have 0% BODY FAT - So much for all the government publications that say a man my height and build should weigh between 160 and 210 with anything over 210 being overweight - WTF, I mean really, where do they get that BS... :-)

In all actuality there are a couple milestones I am approaching and I'll talk about them when I have more time.


2009 - Week Eight - Satisfied

Today's Weight = 323.4 (-2.8wtd/-37.6ytd)

I averaged 1848 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 41%, Fat - 31%, Protein - 27% and Alcohol - 1%.

satisfied - [sat-is-fahyd] –adjective
1. content: a satisfied look.
2. completely paid, as a bill.
3. convinced, as in an argument: Their opponents were finally satisfied.

I would be telling a LIE if I said I didn't want to have a bigger loss last week but you have to realize I am kind of a freak that way, hard and fast is more my style. (Just ask anyone who sits at the poker table with me) Patience goes against my very nature so its a bit harder for me to avoid disappointment at times, BUT with that being said I would have to say I am satisfied with my progress last week. Patience is something I have to work on at times and between this and having a 13 year old daughter its giving me plenty of practice. I know, I know, I didn't gain it over night and I sure as hell wont be able to lose it over night... A toast to patience - cheers...

I've got 13.4 pounds before the Masters to get my half taken care of and I fully intend on pulling my weight. The rest of the gang is doing pretty well too so I think we have a good shot at hitting our 100 pound goal before we leave.

February Overview to follow...

Thanks for listening...

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT...