Monday, March 2, 2009

February 2009 Recap

Like I said in my weekly post for week Eight. I am SATISFIED in how February went. I made a 12 pound loss on the scale and set a personal best in distance on the bike in 30 minutes, 8.04 miles. Its kind of insane getting to 8 miles in 30 minutes for me because I really feel like I cant pedal any faster, I am usually alone in the gym when doing this and its a good thing because anyone witnessing this would probably call 911 and tell them to come pick up the escapee from the asylum.

Feb Counts
Ave Cal - 1905/day
Ave Fat - 29%
Ave Carb - 46%
Ave Protein - 23%
Alcohol Consumption - 1%
Feb Weight Loss - 12lbs.
2009 Weight Loss - 37.6lbs.
2009 Weekly Average - 4.7lbs

I decided now was a good time to start tracking my Body Fat % on a MONTHLY basis moving forward. I own a hand held OMRON (sp) unit that I will use moving forward, I know this machine can fluctuate and I will put it back in the drawer until April 1st when I dust it off again. I know I have gained some good muscle mass in the last couple of months so now as it gets tougher to lose weight I want to be able to talk about Lean Body Mass as well.

March 2nd = 33.3%
Weight = 323.4
Fat Pounds = 107.6 lbs.
Lean Body Mass = 215.7 lbs.

SO if I could magically take my body fat to ZERO (obviously not healthy) I would weigh 215 and have 0% BODY FAT - So much for all the government publications that say a man my height and build should weigh between 160 and 210 with anything over 210 being overweight - WTF, I mean really, where do they get that BS... :-)

In all actuality there are a couple milestones I am approaching and I'll talk about them when I have more time.



Anonymous said...

YOU ARE DOING GREAT! fat ass!! Keep losing weight and maybe you can catch up to that other fat bastard, Twice the Man. Actually, Captain Jeff is fatter, he is around 300.


Twice the Man said...

You are doing great, but I am moving on myself, maybe I will pass up Omega this week. (I was within a pound of his weight this morning, but my official weigh-in day is Wednesday) Jeff's hovering around 300, so you may pass him come April if you keep at it and he fails to get going in the right direction consistently (I hope he makes it a challenge for you though)

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