Monday, August 10, 2009

TEAMwork is a BIG PLUS

Just to start with this blog is linked with my FACEBOOK account so any updates on here are automatically added as notes on my FACEBOOK, now on with my blogging...

I haven't blogged lately so I'll bring you up to date a bit.

AUGUST is designated CLEMENTS family get in shape kick off month. I found myself at 339.2 on the 3rd of August, slipping back toward beyond obese. August 3rd was our kickoff and I want to tell you that when your family is involved it makes the process SO much better. Valerie found herself where she was on August 3rd. Funny huh, well call that XX out of respect for her.

SO with that being said Valerie is XX minus 6lbs this week and I am 335.6. She lost an AMAZING 6lbs and I sure didn't do my share but none the less did pull out 3.6lbs. I WILL pull more of my share this week. (9.6lbs this week for TEAM CLEMENTS - YAY)

Alyssa, we arn't weighing because we dont want to become "THOSE" parents who obsess about their childrens weight. There are pros and cons to that but we are working with her on making better choices and working out and exercising.

Anyhow, thats what's going on in a nutshell, wish us success and we'll keep.....

Fighting the FAT -