Monday, August 10, 2009

TEAMwork is a BIG PLUS

Just to start with this blog is linked with my FACEBOOK account so any updates on here are automatically added as notes on my FACEBOOK, now on with my blogging...

I haven't blogged lately so I'll bring you up to date a bit.

AUGUST is designated CLEMENTS family get in shape kick off month. I found myself at 339.2 on the 3rd of August, slipping back toward beyond obese. August 3rd was our kickoff and I want to tell you that when your family is involved it makes the process SO much better. Valerie found herself where she was on August 3rd. Funny huh, well call that XX out of respect for her.

SO with that being said Valerie is XX minus 6lbs this week and I am 335.6. She lost an AMAZING 6lbs and I sure didn't do my share but none the less did pull out 3.6lbs. I WILL pull more of my share this week. (9.6lbs this week for TEAM CLEMENTS - YAY)

Alyssa, we arn't weighing because we dont want to become "THOSE" parents who obsess about their childrens weight. There are pros and cons to that but we are working with her on making better choices and working out and exercising.

Anyhow, thats what's going on in a nutshell, wish us success and we'll keep.....

Fighting the FAT -



Sayre said...

Congratulations on getting your whole family in on the game... I'm trying to figure out how to involve my son, who is a pretty serious couch potato.

Pandora Woman said...

Hey Brad,

Good on you and your family. It is always so much easier to do this as a team. Me? I have an easy life. Just my cats to mess up my healthy routine and let's face it the worst they can tempt me with is fresh raw fish. Not much of a temptation, and even if I do use the fish, how much damage can it do?

Friends and relatives are fed by me when they come to my house, and eating out I decide what I eat for myself, I said I have the easy life.

As for your approacht to Alyssa: thumbs up. I feel very passionate about parents being aware of the impediments extra pounds have on a child's life. However the scales are not the be all and end all towards this goal.

Healthy food, healthy activities will do their work in the end and she will shed whatever weight is necessary.

I was reading an article just recently which said that crunchy breakfast cereal, such a Quackers Cruesli contain MORE salt than the equivalent in stadard crisps. Shocker right? Also all kinds of ready made food items in the supermarket contain at least double the amount of scents and flavors than the home made variant. The result of this enormous magnitude of scents and flavors is that it unbalances the mind and makes it harder to discern when we actuallu have ahd enough.

(makes a note to write this in my blog next time).

As ever I will follow you with interest, you and your family!



Sayre said...

You inspired me to get my son out to ride with me today - we had a great time!

Twice the Man said...

go team Clements!

Omega said...

You aren't slipping back to being obese, YOU ARE MORBIDLY OBESE, YOU BIG FAT DISGUSTING TUB OF GUTS!!

Omega said...

Where are all the fat girls? Remember them? They were all going to lose weight and have disappeared from the blog world!

CactusFreek said...

Geez Omega, is that what you call "encouraging"?

Brad - go you for getting the family involved! I wish my family wanted to do healthier stuff. It would make my efforts soooo much easier and motivating.
Are we going to see pics?

Omega said...

It is encouraging to me! I love going to the mall and looking at the tubbies and laughing at them. hahaha

CactusFreek said...

Where ye be Brad?