Wednesday, January 30, 2008

2008 - Week THREE Summary

Self abuse hurt me this week. I weighed in today because I was scared to on Sunday night. 334.8 makes it about a 5 pound gain, the funny thing is that I was home SICK as a DOG since SUNDAY night which probably kept me from registering a 10 pound gain for last week. No WHINNING or COMPLAINING about that, I did it to myself as I lost ALMOST all controll over the BOYS trip and ate and drank as if it didnt matter. The past is the past so I am done talking about that.

Feeling like shit still today but thats 100 times better than the COLD, SHAKES, FEVER, BODY ACHES, ETC that hit me on Sunday night. I could say it was a "hangover" from the weekend but really it wasn't. I felt fine on sunday afternoon, a little tired maybe but otherwise fine. By bedtime sunday night I was a MESS and on Monday I felt like I could DIE. Monday night I swore I was going to EMERGICARE on Tuesday morning if I didnt feel better and then on Tuesday morning I woke up in a pool of sweat, my pants and shirt felt soaked as if they just came out of the washer. I felt a little more alive after that so I took some more drugs and managed througout the day. Hopefully I'll shake this in the next couple of days so I can focus on working out and making FEBRUARY a fantastic month.

Go team...

The BEST is YET to come...

FTF and Keep the FAITH


Monday, January 21, 2008

2008 - Week TWO Summary

Another week gone and some small progress. On the scale it was about 3/4 of a pound this last week, but that could have just been from having a full bladder vs. an empty one. Essentially a push for the week. The small victory appears to be in my Fat % which has been steady at 36% for ever it seems and was at 35.5 after getting another weight lifting work out in last week.

The problem this week is that I killed myself over the weekend. Had WAY too much BAD food and WAY to many empty alcohol calories. It seems the weekends have not been my friend as of late where they were where I really kicked ass previously. We'll work on that moving forward.

As I write this I am preparing for our Men's FISHING Trip this coming weekend. A bunch of us from college have been doing this twice yearly for over 10 years. I think we've caught maybe 5 fish between the dozen of us. I guess you actually have to fish to catch anything :-). It's just a get away from reality, unload all our stress, drink beer, hang out with good friends type of weekend. There's definitely no shortage on TESTOSTERONE on this trip and its ALWAYS awesome to see the guys.

SO, I need to plan a bit here. I know I wont have the opportunity to be truly healthy on this trip NOR will I stress about it, but I will plan for it. Early this week I will exercise and be extra good so I can offset a bit of the trip. I will go for a walk of some sort at least ONCE while on the trip and I will pack fruit and veggies to snack on as opposed to CHIPS AND CHEESE. Those three steps are more than I've ever done in the past and every little bit helps so WISH ME LUCK.

I wouldn't trade this trip for anything in the world so planning once again is the KEY...

Valerie turned 40 this past weekend and we had a party on Saturday night and then a family gathering on Sunday. I think she was a little stressed about the whole 40 thing but she seems to be doing okay now. I need to pull her along on my journey to better health and know she wants to do it as well so together we'll prop each other up. We just cant afford to be down about it at the SAME time...

Enough rambling for now...

Keep the Faith and FTF


25 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

Boy, she hit the nail on the head with a few of these. I am pre-destined to be big is a good one I use all the time... Number 20 is KILLING me too, empty calories at the expense of a morning hang-over just doesnt make any sense...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It Adds Up Quickly

Interesting perspective that you dont think about every day. One can of REGULAR Soda a day come to over 65,000 calories a year - HUMMMM - Thats over 32 day less of calories on a 2000 calorie a day play. See some other interesting tidbits by clicking the link below...

Keep the Faith and FTF


Monday, January 14, 2008

2008 - Week ONE Summary

Last week ended up a good week for me with a 4.6 LBS loss. It feels good to be back on track again after a disappointing couple of months to end 2007. My food balance last week was pretty darn good.

Three things that hindered my process for the week.

I only exercised - structured workout - once during the week but did get in a lot of WALKING on Saturday.
Friday night I went to play cards and had a couple more drinks than I planned and then hit the choke and puke on the way out of town for a NUCLEAR sandwich, a honey bun and a twin bing. Three drinks and a couple of snacks are what I had budgeted for the night so I over did it a bit.
Saturday we went to the dreaded CHINA BUFFET with Jane and Nathan - It was not great but was good to see them and spend some time with them. It could have been worse as I mostly just ate veggies and protein and left out the RICE and all the extra BAD stuff I used to get there.

I think those three things probably cost me another 2 LBS for the week - NO WORRIES just have to make the best choices when those things come up. The rest of my week was balanced with meals spread out throughout the week and keeping very close to the 2000 CAL limit I have imposed for myself.

Goals for this week are to have structured exercise at least TWICE and to only blow my eating regime ONCE as opposed to TWICE last week.

One thing I have come to put a lot of my focus on is something that I read in Men's Health a couple of weeks ago. "Your body is MADE 25% in the GYM and 75% in the kitchen". Really this is a NO BRAINER. A guy can eat cheese, big Mac’s and BEER and limit himself to 2000 calories a day and lose weight - when your my size - but if I eat lean meat, chicken, broccoli and veggies and fruit etc and limit myself to 2000 calories a day I'll also lose weight but wont look like a pear when I'm done. No prophetic muses with this but something I obviously will focus on more.

Thanks for Listening.

Hope your FIGHT is going well, I'd love to hear from you.

Keep the FAITH and FTF.


2006 MAXIMUM Density 417 lbs. -
2007 Start 399.2 LOW POINT 309 on 9/22 END 336.8 - 64.2 lbs in 2007 - 82 Overall
2008 Start 338.2 Current 330.4 - 7.8 lbs in 2008 - 86.6 Overall

30.5 lbs to GOAL of 299.9 by Easter - GO TEAM

PS: You can hit my FIT DAY website too by looking at the LINKS area of this blog.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 Goals

Well 2008 FTF is off and running for this year and this week has been a good week. We worked out last night and I was a little stiff this morning but its a good kind of stiff :-). I actually have Valerie motivated to make a difference this year too so that's a BIG help on the home front. I know she's tired of being tired all the time and working with her on meals and home work outs and support will be a GOD Send for me.

My goals for 2008 will be much the same as last year. The main thing is to continue making improvement. I will incorporate more weight training into the plan and when the weather warms up the BIKE trails are MINE. The first initial CHECK POINT will be hitting 300 by EASTER. My focus is BACK and I look forward to the challenge. I had originally thought Easter was the first Sunday in April but it is MARCH 23rd so gotta hit it hard.

36 Pounds in 73 days is about 2.5 lbs a week to get there and I know I got that in me.

350 Miles on the BIKE last year turns into 500 this year and my actual desire is to be at 275 lbs by the time my 41st birthday comes around. I believe this is a pretty conservative goal but you know what they say its better to under promise and over deliver. That would be 60 LBS in 9.5 months or 6.3 LBS a month or 1.5 a week. VERY DOABLE.

A couple of us are having a little contest at work so that will be some added motivation as well.

Here's hoping you're back on the Fitness trail as well. I'd love to hear from you.

FTF and Keep the FAITH


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


A couple of pictures to show a little change... :-) That beer in my hand never helps the fit routine but after all "all work and no play" makes Jack a dull boy. That was at our 40th birthday party.
Well, 2007 came to a close and the battle was a little sloppy the last couple of months of the year. After hitting 309 pounds on my birthday in September I proceeded to loose motivation and ended the year by gaining back 29lbs. Once we moved in September I spent a lot of time working around the house and forgot to exercise and maintain my healthy eating plan. I am not going to beat myself up over it and I realize that this is going to be a life long battle, I accept that and know it will all work out. So for a final total for 2007;

Jan 8, 2007 - 399.2 LBS - 54 waist
Jan 7, 2007 - 335.0 LBS - 48 and 46 fit fine... :-)
Low Point - 309 LBS on Sept 22

64.2 LBS off my body for the year and my body says thank you.... :-)

I rode almost 350 miles on my bike this past year and that's about 349 more than I had done in the previous 20 years...

I'll talk about this years goals and post some of the results from last year in my next blog...

"FTF" and Keep the FAITH