Monday, January 21, 2008

2008 - Week TWO Summary

Another week gone and some small progress. On the scale it was about 3/4 of a pound this last week, but that could have just been from having a full bladder vs. an empty one. Essentially a push for the week. The small victory appears to be in my Fat % which has been steady at 36% for ever it seems and was at 35.5 after getting another weight lifting work out in last week.

The problem this week is that I killed myself over the weekend. Had WAY too much BAD food and WAY to many empty alcohol calories. It seems the weekends have not been my friend as of late where they were where I really kicked ass previously. We'll work on that moving forward.

As I write this I am preparing for our Men's FISHING Trip this coming weekend. A bunch of us from college have been doing this twice yearly for over 10 years. I think we've caught maybe 5 fish between the dozen of us. I guess you actually have to fish to catch anything :-). It's just a get away from reality, unload all our stress, drink beer, hang out with good friends type of weekend. There's definitely no shortage on TESTOSTERONE on this trip and its ALWAYS awesome to see the guys.

SO, I need to plan a bit here. I know I wont have the opportunity to be truly healthy on this trip NOR will I stress about it, but I will plan for it. Early this week I will exercise and be extra good so I can offset a bit of the trip. I will go for a walk of some sort at least ONCE while on the trip and I will pack fruit and veggies to snack on as opposed to CHIPS AND CHEESE. Those three steps are more than I've ever done in the past and every little bit helps so WISH ME LUCK.

I wouldn't trade this trip for anything in the world so planning once again is the KEY...

Valerie turned 40 this past weekend and we had a party on Saturday night and then a family gathering on Sunday. I think she was a little stressed about the whole 40 thing but she seems to be doing okay now. I need to pull her along on my journey to better health and know she wants to do it as well so together we'll prop each other up. We just cant afford to be down about it at the SAME time...

Enough rambling for now...

Keep the Faith and FTF


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