Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 Goals

Well 2008 FTF is off and running for this year and this week has been a good week. We worked out last night and I was a little stiff this morning but its a good kind of stiff :-). I actually have Valerie motivated to make a difference this year too so that's a BIG help on the home front. I know she's tired of being tired all the time and working with her on meals and home work outs and support will be a GOD Send for me.

My goals for 2008 will be much the same as last year. The main thing is to continue making improvement. I will incorporate more weight training into the plan and when the weather warms up the BIKE trails are MINE. The first initial CHECK POINT will be hitting 300 by EASTER. My focus is BACK and I look forward to the challenge. I had originally thought Easter was the first Sunday in April but it is MARCH 23rd so gotta hit it hard.

36 Pounds in 73 days is about 2.5 lbs a week to get there and I know I got that in me.

350 Miles on the BIKE last year turns into 500 this year and my actual desire is to be at 275 lbs by the time my 41st birthday comes around. I believe this is a pretty conservative goal but you know what they say its better to under promise and over deliver. That would be 60 LBS in 9.5 months or 6.3 LBS a month or 1.5 a week. VERY DOABLE.

A couple of us are having a little contest at work so that will be some added motivation as well.

Here's hoping you're back on the Fitness trail as well. I'd love to hear from you.

FTF and Keep the FAITH


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