Wednesday, January 30, 2008

2008 - Week THREE Summary

Self abuse hurt me this week. I weighed in today because I was scared to on Sunday night. 334.8 makes it about a 5 pound gain, the funny thing is that I was home SICK as a DOG since SUNDAY night which probably kept me from registering a 10 pound gain for last week. No WHINNING or COMPLAINING about that, I did it to myself as I lost ALMOST all controll over the BOYS trip and ate and drank as if it didnt matter. The past is the past so I am done talking about that.

Feeling like shit still today but thats 100 times better than the COLD, SHAKES, FEVER, BODY ACHES, ETC that hit me on Sunday night. I could say it was a "hangover" from the weekend but really it wasn't. I felt fine on sunday afternoon, a little tired maybe but otherwise fine. By bedtime sunday night I was a MESS and on Monday I felt like I could DIE. Monday night I swore I was going to EMERGICARE on Tuesday morning if I didnt feel better and then on Tuesday morning I woke up in a pool of sweat, my pants and shirt felt soaked as if they just came out of the washer. I felt a little more alive after that so I took some more drugs and managed througout the day. Hopefully I'll shake this in the next couple of days so I can focus on working out and making FEBRUARY a fantastic month.

Go team...

The BEST is YET to come...

FTF and Keep the FAITH


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