Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Question for the Day...

Okay, has anyone heard of HCG or actually has anyone had any first hand experience with it...?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Get Ready, Get Set, Let's Go

As I get geared up and motivated to finally make a permanant change I have to pass on this article.  I have followed Tom Venuto for quite some time and gotten a lot of information from him that has been very helpful.  He usually is pretty "spot on" when it comes to diet and nutrition...  351 Today and headed to the GYM today for the first time in 3 months, LETS GET READY TO RUUUUUUUUMBLE...

Enjoy the article and keep FIGHTING THE FAT... 

Tom's Latest Article

Tom's blog link can also be found in the Health and Fitness section of this blog...
Keep the Faith and FTF,


Friday, October 23, 2009

Sloppy Mess

I am a sloppy mess right now, I can't get my simple little mind to wrap itself around becoming healthy...  I am giving myself to the end of this month to get ready and get it together.  To actually GROW UP mentally and take this VERY seriously.  Doc did give me a second blood pressure pill earlier this week, how many kicks in the ass do I need from him. 

350 pounds this morning!!!!!  UGH, FRUSTRATION, DEPRESSION, PAIN, AGONY....  Maybe I need FAT guy counseling...  Dunno but I better get it figured out pretty soon this UP AND DOWN BULLSHIT is hard on my mental capacity. 

285 would be Graduation weight and my 25 Year Reunion is 7 Months away, that would be 65LBS.  ?????  I dunno, I am tired of putting down weight goals only to come CLOSE than end up short...

No Excuses, I am LAZY... 

Not Currently FIGHTING THE FAT....


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back in the SADDLE of the NEVER ending battle.

Sorry I haven't made any entries into this blog lately. Denial is easy and if you don't talk about it it will go away right.... RIIIIIIIGGGGGGGHHHHHHHTTTTTT.

Its a never ending battle and once I get my frail little mind wrapped around that I will have more success.

Well the family workout plan in August didn't do it for me, my motivation lacked and so did the rest of the families. I really kind of slacked in September so far too.

We'll with the new season of the Biggest Loser I am back at it. Last week was the season premier and it was awesome. Anyhow I am weighing in on Wednesday mornings after the show and last week I was at 347.8 so SLACKING I HAVE DONE PLENTY of as of late. Back to the moderation of my diet this week and back to working out more often. We'll see what we can do, I obviously don't anticipate keeping up with some of these folks cause they obviously are working out 4/5 hours a day and are supervised 24 hours a day but I DO want to do better than at least one or two of them every week. You know what, if I could afford to take off work and make it onto that show I would be a MACHINE. Anyhow.... Now you know where I am and where I am headed. We'll see what tomorrow mornings weigh in brings - I anticipate good things...

Keep the Faith and Fight the FAT


By the WAY, I am 42 today, feeling physically 62 and mentanlly 22, so I guess there is some good and some bad... :-)

Monday, August 10, 2009

TEAMwork is a BIG PLUS

Just to start with this blog is linked with my FACEBOOK account so any updates on here are automatically added as notes on my FACEBOOK, now on with my blogging...

I haven't blogged lately so I'll bring you up to date a bit.

AUGUST is designated CLEMENTS family get in shape kick off month. I found myself at 339.2 on the 3rd of August, slipping back toward beyond obese. August 3rd was our kickoff and I want to tell you that when your family is involved it makes the process SO much better. Valerie found herself where she was on August 3rd. Funny huh, well call that XX out of respect for her.

SO with that being said Valerie is XX minus 6lbs this week and I am 335.6. She lost an AMAZING 6lbs and I sure didn't do my share but none the less did pull out 3.6lbs. I WILL pull more of my share this week. (9.6lbs this week for TEAM CLEMENTS - YAY)

Alyssa, we arn't weighing because we dont want to become "THOSE" parents who obsess about their childrens weight. There are pros and cons to that but we are working with her on making better choices and working out and exercising.

Anyhow, thats what's going on in a nutshell, wish us success and we'll keep.....

Fighting the FAT -


Monday, July 27, 2009

Today is the DAY....

Today is the day to get back on track. At the gym this morning at 5:30 and out onto the bike trails tonight at 6:30. Weighed in at a SVELT 331.6 this morning. I am giving myself an intervention, its time, focus, attention and hard work. I can't let myself get down about this to the point of doing NOTHING. For the last two weeks I haven't rode the bike or done really anything specific to being healthy. Time to start.... The family is involved this time so more to come on that.... Look out 299, here I come....

Keep the Faith and Fight the Fat...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dont want to talk about it...

My scale said 327 on Monday so I am getting some new batteries for it. There's no way in hell I gained 8 pounds last week. It's discouraging, maybe I'll go to a monthly weigh in.


Monday, June 29, 2009


You know all this riding of bikes make me hungry? I gotta figure out an alternative to filling my face when I get done but also need to have the fuel to burn while riding. MAYBE, I need to go back to the FITDAY tracker and start tracking my calories again, I ALWAYS am most successful when I am doing that. Gotta breat through this point, just gotta.

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Low Point for the YEAR

-3.2 pounds this last week. It feels good to be at my low point for the year, lets see what we can do to bust through this "area" where I've spent a LOT of my adult life. Another 60 plus miles on the bike should help.

Keep the Faith and Fight the Fat - BC

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Down ONE more

I made a one pound loss last week. It is what it is, I also went over 200 miles biked and its definately gotten a lot easier. I am a biking machine now, well okay maybe not a machine but the miles are much easier to get in now. My lower body is developing and getting much stronger so I guarantee I have lost body fat even if the scale hasn't shown it of late. Muscle does weigh more than fat I there is no doubt I have put on a few pounds of muscle since I started riding consistently. That will increase my body's fat burning and help the process.

I WILL continue to fight the fight, I am resigned to baby steps and know I am pushing through a SET POINT that was where I was at for a LONG period of my life. I think my body likes the 320 Brad, well I DONT so its a matter of the FAT guy winning or not winning.

Can't rest on past accomplishments...

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Well, OKAY

May was a slight net gain (2.8 pounds) and I wasn't focused BUT, June is another month and I will make progress. We've been doing a LOT of bike riding and plan to continue doing so over the summer. Eric and I kind of have become somewhat addicts so this will no doubt help with our exercise. We put together a club for biking and so far there are THREE of us in the PACK. You can see the link to the left in this blog.

ANYHOW - Trying to speak with my actions more than my words for the month of June. I hope you are all winning your war. May was a battle I barely lost and in June we'll make a recovery. Anybody LOCAL want to ride for exercise, we'll be going several times a week, let me know.



Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Much To Say

I don't have much to say today - I gained 3.8lbs since the 4th of May - Haven't been real good nutritionally, haven't been real good physically, drank too much a couple of times... I pretty much got out of the last two weeks exactly what I put into them, basically nothing outside of a few bike rides... Doesn't mean I'll quit trying...

FTF, and KTF


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quick Update - Pain

We'll we went out for 15 miles on Monday night and I have felt NONE of the pain I was feeling on Sunday so I anticipate smooth sailing from here on out, I made a slight adjustmet to my seat and position on the pedals and all is good...

KTF & FTF - Bc

Monday, May 4, 2009


April was an exact ZERO, no gain, no loss.... Hummmmm, not totally sure how I should feel about that.... Basically I took two weeks off for Rest and RELAXATION and then made the last two weeks of the month count for 7 pounds. I guess I really have nothing to complain about - The vacation was AWESOME and planned and a much needed break from the GRIND, it did more for my mental health than anything you can imagine. LIFE IS GOOD...

Eric busted my ass about getting back on the trail again since summer is fast approaching and I was glad he gave me the boost to get it going again. Did 16 miles on Thursday night and then 24 on Saturday, oh, did I mention I purchased a new bike, one that actually fits me, WOW, that makes trail riding a whole lot more interesting. The last bike really made me work and struggle at times due to it simply being a standard sized mountain bike ( I couldn't get the seat high enough and it always felt like a elephant riding a trike. :-) I bought a new hybrid and the size is perfect for me, I LOVE it. My QUADS were a little sore on Sunday but I plan to go again tonight...

I do have a little something going on in my left hip/pelvis though. Its hard to describe but its a shooting pain where it feels like I lose strength in that joint for a second or two. It is pretty painful but only lasts a couple of seconds. It happened 5 or 6 times over the course of the day on Sunday, it doesn't last long, maybe 2 seconds and then its gone. Haven't felt it when riding and have done some research online to try to figure it out, could be a couple of different things so we'll see how it goes after another couple of rides and a bit of adjusting of the point of my seat. It may just be getting used to being back on the trails but we'll keep an eye on it and let you know. If all goes well we plan to take the Wabash Trail in Council Bluffs on the infamous TACO RUN this Thursday or maybe next Thursday. More to come on that in the next few days.

I am looking for bigger and better things for the month of MAY, our 17th anniversary is next Saturday and I sure plan on celebrating 17 more if not 37 more.... :-)

Until next time I will continue to FTF and KEEP THE FAITH...

Monday, April 27, 2009


323.2 this morning for a 3 pound loss last week. Here is the kicker I had made almost 6 pounds for the week by Saturday morning. Saturday night I did a little overindlugence with a few Margaritas, Blue Yummy's, some Single Barrel and my buddy JONNIE. ANYHOW, Three pounds for the week is okay by me, no doubt about it. My nutrition was great last week outside of Saturday so that is pretty much back on track, I only worked out once and that was kind of half hearted so all in all it is what it is. NOW, this week I need OVER 4 pounds to avoid a NET GAIN for the month of April. I am feeling motivated to make SURE that happens so stay tuned for more to come.... HELLO GYM, remember me????

Keep the Faith and FTF...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Okay, so maybe a little residual effect from vacation but today the scales told me it likes the expanding numbers and really wants my number higher. 326.2 today and I say PISS on the scale, its back in the saddle time. I've had my vacation now its back to work. Look for good things next week, leaving the office right now, heading to the gym tonight.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April POST Vacation Report

Well, if you follow my other blog you'll know we had a 10 day excursion to the Masters Golf Tournament, Myrtle Beach, Pinehurst and various other destinations. We ate well, we drank well and really has an AWESOME time. It was a well deserved break from the grind of trying to maintain the healthy lifestyle.

I am happy to report that this morning I stepped on the scale at 322.8 and really was pleased all things considered to only have a small gain on the scale during the last 15 days. Playing catch up this week and getting back into the routine has taken most of my time the last few days, now its time to get back on track. I plan to hit the GYM tomorrow night and once this weekend and then kick it back in hard starting next week.

Although I didn't quite hit my April 1st goal of 310 lbs I believe I can still hit my July 1st goal of 290 if I work real hard and get focused again. Goals aren't supposed to be easy, they are supposed to challenge you and make you work hard to attain them.

We'll see what we can do, I really look forward to getting back into the gym, I am kind of "jonseing" for it right now... That's probably a good thing huh... :-)


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March 2009 Recap

You know March was only a 4.2 pound month but in looking at it from a high level, I wont be upset with it. It was a loss, I had one week in there where I really didn't put forth the efforts and GAINED several pounds for the week, even if that week is a break even week that would have made March a 12 pound month and I would have been very happy with that. I have to say my calories are up, my fat content is up and my alcohol consumption is up so its no wonder it wasn't something AWESOME, BUT I wont classify it as a disappointment cause it wasn't.

March Counts
Ave Cal - 2169/day
Ave Fat - 36%
Ave Carb - 37%
Ave Protein - 20%
Alcohol Consumption - 8%
Feb Weight Loss - 4.2lbs.
2009 Weight Loss - 41.2lbs.
2009 Weekly Average - 3.49lbs

I have to say I am at a point I've been MANY times before in my battle. Feeling pretty good, feeling strong, wearing smaller clothes, getting a few compliment and all in all in a GOOD place. Its easy at that point to become distracted as I've done many times before so I am not on GUARD for that to happen. To be honest I enjoy now working out more than I have in the last 20 years and wont let that end. I really want this to be a lifetime habit and I think I am at a crucial point in turning that corner and gaining it as a HABIT not a NEED.

Part of what helps me be successful is being ANAL about tracking my dietary intake, I haven't missed a day since January 5th when I "Restarted" my journey. For me its a constant reminder of the task at hand and helps me keep focus. NOW, moving forward I wont be physically going the the computer to track this each and every day, it can get monotonous, boring and time consuming. I am going to rely in my knowledge and my internal "clock" so to speak to help me with this process - If its going to be a lifestyle change and become a habit then it needs to be transparent and just part of the daily routine so this is the challenge ahead for me.

With all this being said April will be a big challenge for me as several of us head out on a 9/10 day cross country trip on Friday morning. We're pulling my camper and going to Augusta National for a day (The Masters) and then on to Myrtle Beach and Pinehurst among other stops. I call it taking a break from reality and from the GRIND of the office and everything else, exercise and diet will still be on my mind and I wont go off the diet and go CRAZY while we are gone but I do intend on having a little fun on the trip. I wont blog here until I get back but if all goes well I'll get a few pics up on our camping blog during our trip. The Link is on the top left of this blog if interested. A net ZERO for the next 10 days would be FANTASTIC but a plus 2 or 3 would be okay. Now, there is a LOT of physical activity planned over the next 10 days so who knows I may even drop a couple of pounds - Either way FUN in moderation is my goal, I haven't used a vacation day yet this year and its been a long cold winter so I deserve this break. If you're so inclined pray for our safety...

Thanks for listening,

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT.... - B

Week 12 - No Time ?

Today's Weight = 319.2 (+1.2 wtd/-41.8 ytd)

I averaged 2101 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 42%, Fat - 35%, Protein - 19% and Alcohol - 4%.

Here again lies the quandary that I find myself in from time to time, NO TIME, or the perceived no time. I've been busy and we had a camping trip thrown in there for good measure, I've had to take the camper in to be repaired one night, another night go and pick it up, another day busy at the office late and so on and so forth so I haven't had time to pay attention to my exercise especially. Sounds GOOD right... Yea, that's the ticket.... Well, I am going to have to call BULLSHIT on myself. Its not about time, its about priorities and I've let a few other things take priority to my exercise this past week and I paid for it on the scale. Not bad but it is losing the same weight again even if its only 1.2 pounds this week, the fact that I have to lose it again should be motivation enough to help me gain some priorities.

My monthly update will be coming up shortly, more to come...


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week 11 - Motivational Week

Today's Weight = 318.0 (-7.4 wtd/-43 ytd)

I averaged 2042 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 36%, Fat - 35%, Protein - 19% and Alcohol - 10%.

I made it to the gym three times last week and did cardio twice BUT had three great lifting sessions. Its kind of interesting I had LESS cardio than lifting for the week, nutrition was basically the same as the week before (no drastic differences) and I had a VERY successful week as far as the scale goes. SO, I am going to try to replicate last weeks efforts for this week, more lifting than cardio shooting for 4 lifting sessions and 2 cardio sessions and we'll see what happens. This week and last week combined gave me an 11 pound loss in two weeks but the previous week was almost a 6 pound gain (that week was also a HIGH calorie week SO) so I'll be on the guard this week cause a couple of good weeks tend to be followed by a bad week for me. Not going to let that happen this week. 2000 cal average, 4 lifting sessions and 2 cardio sessions. I even had a couple of drinks too many on Saturday night last week so we'll aim for that again this week... :-)

SKIP IT - One tidbit that helps me trim calories each week is using mustard instead of mayo on things, now I am lucky because i actually like mustard so that helps but YOU'D be amazed as the calories you can save by changing this practice. I know, a lot of people cant stand mustard and LOVE their mayo BUT too BAD, if you are serious and want a little helper consider the following using ONE ounce measurements:

Mustard (M)had 19 calories and 1.1 grams of fat - Regular Mayo (RM) has 203 calories and 22.2 grams of fat - Diet or Low Calorie Mayo (LCM) even has 66 calories and 5.4 grams of fat.

Some things to consider:

You "healthy" turkey sandwich on two pieces of whole wheat bread will be in the neighborhood of 225 calories dry, now add one ounce of M and you get 244 calories and low fat to boot, on the other hand add one ounce of RM and you've almost doubled your caloric intake to almost 430 calories and close to 30 grams of fat. Even using LCM you increase your calories close to 300.

Big Deal, Hog WASH you say. Well even at ONE turkey on whole wheat sandwich a week for 52 weeks a year you will save close to 10,000 calories in a years time. Make that two sandwiches a week and you are looking at 20,000 calories in a years time. HUMMMMMM, I think you get my picture, seems like a no brainer to me...

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT


PS: I've been told I am looking good several times in the last few days in the office, I guess I must be making progress...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Week 10 - The Right Direction

Today's Weight = 325.4 (-3.6 wtd/-35.6 ytd)

I averaged 1967 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 40%, Fat - 33%, Protein - 21% and Alcohol - 5%.

I had hoped for more after last weeks major set back but I'll take it. Saturdays are a key day when weigh ins are on Monday and Saturday was by far my worst day so I can be happy with the loss this week. I actually only worked out twice last week so I pretty much got what I deserved. My nutrition was really good with the exception of Saturday so with two more workouts and a good Saturday it could have been a couple of pounds more. Oh, Well, we are moving in the right direction and overall since the 5th of January I am down over 35 pounds so, once again I'll take it.

Doesn't look like we'll make our 100 pounds by the masters trip but 80 would still be pretty darn good, actually the progress we've made overall is really pretty darn good.

Trying to regain a little focus this week and hit 4 workouts and NO BAD days nutritionally so we'll see how that goes.

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT - Bc

Monday, March 9, 2009

Week 9 - Rebound

Today's Weight = 329.0 (+5.6 wtd/-32.0 ytd)

I averaged 2690 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 33%, Fat - 36%, Protein - 19% and Alcohol - 12%.

I had a great time this weekend with some great friends and I paid come Monday morning weigh in. I had a 5000 calorie day on Friday and you know what, it is what it is. It's NOT the end of the world and I wont wine, complain, bitch and moan, or anything else. It was a much needed break, now back to the business at hand. If I had to do it all again I would.

End of Story...

Fight the Fat and Keep the Faith...

Monday, March 2, 2009

February 2009 Recap

Like I said in my weekly post for week Eight. I am SATISFIED in how February went. I made a 12 pound loss on the scale and set a personal best in distance on the bike in 30 minutes, 8.04 miles. Its kind of insane getting to 8 miles in 30 minutes for me because I really feel like I cant pedal any faster, I am usually alone in the gym when doing this and its a good thing because anyone witnessing this would probably call 911 and tell them to come pick up the escapee from the asylum.

Feb Counts
Ave Cal - 1905/day
Ave Fat - 29%
Ave Carb - 46%
Ave Protein - 23%
Alcohol Consumption - 1%
Feb Weight Loss - 12lbs.
2009 Weight Loss - 37.6lbs.
2009 Weekly Average - 4.7lbs

I decided now was a good time to start tracking my Body Fat % on a MONTHLY basis moving forward. I own a hand held OMRON (sp) unit that I will use moving forward, I know this machine can fluctuate and I will put it back in the drawer until April 1st when I dust it off again. I know I have gained some good muscle mass in the last couple of months so now as it gets tougher to lose weight I want to be able to talk about Lean Body Mass as well.

March 2nd = 33.3%
Weight = 323.4
Fat Pounds = 107.6 lbs.
Lean Body Mass = 215.7 lbs.

SO if I could magically take my body fat to ZERO (obviously not healthy) I would weigh 215 and have 0% BODY FAT - So much for all the government publications that say a man my height and build should weigh between 160 and 210 with anything over 210 being overweight - WTF, I mean really, where do they get that BS... :-)

In all actuality there are a couple milestones I am approaching and I'll talk about them when I have more time.


2009 - Week Eight - Satisfied

Today's Weight = 323.4 (-2.8wtd/-37.6ytd)

I averaged 1848 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 41%, Fat - 31%, Protein - 27% and Alcohol - 1%.

satisfied - [sat-is-fahyd] –adjective
1. content: a satisfied look.
2. completely paid, as a bill.
3. convinced, as in an argument: Their opponents were finally satisfied.

I would be telling a LIE if I said I didn't want to have a bigger loss last week but you have to realize I am kind of a freak that way, hard and fast is more my style. (Just ask anyone who sits at the poker table with me) Patience goes against my very nature so its a bit harder for me to avoid disappointment at times, BUT with that being said I would have to say I am satisfied with my progress last week. Patience is something I have to work on at times and between this and having a 13 year old daughter its giving me plenty of practice. I know, I know, I didn't gain it over night and I sure as hell wont be able to lose it over night... A toast to patience - cheers...

I've got 13.4 pounds before the Masters to get my half taken care of and I fully intend on pulling my weight. The rest of the gang is doing pretty well too so I think we have a good shot at hitting our 100 pound goal before we leave.

February Overview to follow...

Thanks for listening...

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT...


Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 - Week Seven - "The WAGON Broke"

Today's Weight = 326.2 (+2.6wtd/-34.8ytd)

I averaged 1996 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 44%, Fat - 30%, Protein - 21% and Alcohol - 5%.

I really don't have a lot to say this week. I had a gain this week and for the most part the week was good, I did cardio three times and lifted twice and overall maintained a good healthy outlook throughout the week. With a Monday morning weigh in it is important to make Saturday's count and I didn't do great this past Saturday. Yes I did have a few drinks and had a great time out at Clancey's on Saturday night. Got home and proceeded to GRAZE like a COW and got what I deserved at this weigh in this week, so be it. Actually it felt like a burden had been lifted after the three or four scotches and three or four beers, oh well, so the wagon isn't for me. Moderation is key here and I have no issue with it moving forward. You have weeks where your body doesn't respond as well as you would think and its really just your body and not your week, look at the Biggest loser folks, some can post a gain while working out 5/6 hours a week and being directly supervised for their nutrition. Honestly I am not at all worried about reverting to old habits cause this process is here to stay.

I knew that DAMN wagon wasn't very sturdy but I gave it a shot....

Although I didn't help our team goal this week I am expecting good things this week.

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2009 - Week Six - Mental Stamina

Today's Weight - 323.8 (-3.6wtd/-37.4ytd)

I averaged 1933 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 47%, Fat - 30%, Protein - 23% and Alcohol - 0%. I don't really have a lot to say about my breakdown as it's so much better than it has been at times in the past. I will plan a little better this week to get the fat down a bit and the protein up a bit. I really like the mix of foods I am trying to eat and have kind of gotten into a routine with chicken, steamed veggies etc. Some of the snacks type foods i have to much on are higher in carbs, maybe I'll look for something with less carbs and more protein BUT I don't want to up the caloric intake with these either. The Quaker Oats type are only 90 calories and some of the bars with higher protein are higher calorie and more like meal replacements. We'll see.

I have to say I am physically feeling pretty good, more stamina and strength. I hit the gym 3 times last week for 3 sets of cardio and two upper body weight lifting sessions. I went with Eric to 24 hour fitness on Sunday night and really enjoyed that as well. The only draw back to that is that it takes a lot more time away than working out at the office or at home BUT, it sure is nice physically working out with someone else and having a full array of choices for your workout. The steam room, sauna and whirlpool were nice at the end of the workout as well.

My mental stamina is pretty good as well, I can walk away from bad choices for the most part and can keep away from the fast food and bad foods in general. Choices are a bit easier to make although I did have three cookies yesterday. :-) I've also only had fast food ONCE since Jan 5th and that was a single kids burger (no cheese) and 5 chicken nuggets. Once in six weeks is SO much better than 4 or 5 times a week... I'll take it...

My general mental outlook today is a little down in the dumps, I really can't pinpoint why or what I can do to change it. Work is good, home life is good, fitness routine is good, family and friends are all well. Maybe it was just one of those days where I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. This is BY FAR not the norm for me - the glass is truly half full. We'll grind through the day and get a good work out in later today and look forward to a better day tomorrow...

My goals this week are to workout 4 times this week and keep my calories at 1850 average for the week.

Thanks for listening...

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT...

Monday, February 9, 2009

2009 - Week Five - Ignore the PAIN...

Today's Weight - 327.4 -8/-33.6

I averaged 1695 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 46%, Fat - 31%, Protein - 23% and Alcohol - 0%. I really feel my nutritional focus was the best it has been in a LONG time last week. I didn't really waver or do anything to sabotage myself last week. The temptation was there, let me tell you but holding steadfast to the goal at hand is very doable and something I want more than anything right now. I really don't fear being too restrictive with my nutrition and actually this week is about the farthest I really want to push it at this time. I am comfortable with my intake, my body has adjusted to the amount of food I am giving it and I really don't have any big issues with hunger anytime. 1700 calorie average in real terms would bet the equivalent of eating over 5 six inch subway club (wheat bread) sandwiches (with no cheese) but pile on the veggies EACH Day. Stack it up on the counter and that really is a LOT of food.

I have to say my workouts were better than they have been in a LONG time last week. I was in the gym 4 times and had two lifting sessions and 4 GREAT cardio sessions. My bike riding totaled 110 minutes last week at 15+ miles per hour with a medium resistance on the fat burning program OR JUST enough to make me want to die finishing it. :-) Although, after Friday I do feel that I can push up the time on it starting next week if all goes well this week. One thing that really helps me during cardio is to program some motivational and hard charging music into the mp3 player and to CRANK IT UP and just simply gain focus and IGNORE THE PAIN....

Enough rambling for now...

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT...

Monday, February 2, 2009

January 2009 Recap

In looking at the overall picture I have to be happy with the way January turned out. I dropped 25.4 pounds and I now have clothes that feel a LOT more comfortable. I've gained strength and was able to hit 30 minutes of cardio on the bike by the end of the month after starting out feeling like death at 12 minutes. They say the tortoise will always win the race with a slow and steady pace.

Jan Counts
Ave Cal - 1989/day
Ave Fat - 27%
Ave Carb - 49%
Ave Protein - 23%
Alcohol Consumption - ZERO

One thing I am going to add into the mix starting tomorrow is measuring my body fat. I have the machine at home collecting dust. I NEED it for my MENTAL Health, progress will keep me motivated and as I continue to strength train the scale will no doubt give me the finger at times but measuring my fat WONT...

2009 - Week Four - Overcoming Obstacles

Today's Weight - 335.4 (+.4/-25.4)

I averaged 2187 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 44%, Fat - 30%, Protein - 26% and Alcohol - 0%. ONE DAY ruined my week. We went on our first camping trip of the season this past weekend. The good news is that my protein crept up a little but the bad news was that some of it was a LOT of bacon and sausage. My fat intake obviously went up as well.

The weather was to be nice and we had a case of cabin fever so we packed up on Friday and went to one of the local state parks. Saturday morning included a breakfast buffet and poorly scheduled meals throughout the day. Saturday was one BIG NAHD and at the time I felt I did good but after counting it all up I was over 3300 calories for the day. Its not like I went crazy or anything BUT after doing so well up to that point this was my first real disappointment. I've kind of had the mentality to try to avoid situations where I will fail and I let myself be put into that position this past weekend and I all I can say is that I am disappointed. I know I cant be perfect all the time but I really feel as though i let myself down. I know, I know, I shouldn't shoot myself or be so hard on myself but dammit anyway.

OVERCOMING OBSTACLES - I know that as being humans we are destined to fail over an over again but the judge of ones character is what we learn and how we overcome our failures. I've been there before and learned it in the past, time after time after time after time. My frustration is at my failure even though I know there will be times where things just don't go as planned. I have a hard time looking past the failure to the other six days of the week where I really did pretty good. I guess I should look on the positive side because to me the glass is generally half full. I did have a great weekend with my family and we did have some fun sitting in the lodge by the windows in the sun eating breakfast and enjoying the beautiful day.

Until next time - Keep the Faith and (I will continue to) Fight the FAT... (5 pounds this week)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tom Venuto - 8 Reasons

Hi all, I wanted to share an email I received the other day.

This comes from Tom Venuto at http://www.burnthefat.com/. I've followed him for quite a while and he is always pretty well right on with his information. You can subscribe to get his email updates on his web site. I think i have them all pretty much in check for now with maybe the exception of number 5, but I am working on it...

Clearly, we have an obesity problem in America and many other countries across our planet. Yet, I propose that we do not have a weight loss problem today. In case you're confused at this apparent contradiction, consider these statistics: According to a study from Oxford University published in The International Journal of Obesity, within 3 to 5 years, about 80 percent of all 'weight losers' have regained the lost weight, and often gained back a little extra. According to research by the National Weight Control Registry, that relapse rate may be as high as 95 percent. For comparison, relapse rates for drug, alcohol and tobacco dependency have been reported in the range of 50-90%. This means that lots and lots of people have "successfully"
lost weight. But not many have kept it off. Therefore, we don't have a weight loss problem, we have a weight-relapse problem; we have a "not sticking with it" problem, wouldn't you agree?
In fact, the fall and subsequent weight-regain usually doesn't take years. Many people have abandoned their new year's resolutions within weeks. By the time the Super Bowl party rolls around, their diet is history! If this is true, then shouldn't we put more of our attention onto figuring out why you haven't been sticking with your program, and what you should do about it? That's what I've been doing recently, and I made that a prime focus of my newest book, The Body Fat Solution I also put together this new list (below) of the top 8 reasons why you fall off the wagon. Rather than worrying about the minutiae of your diet plan, like whether you should be on low carb or high carb, Mediterranean or Okinawan, vegetarian or meat eater, I propose that if you simply focus on these 8 issues, you'll start getting more lasting results. How? By being able to stick with whichever plan you decided was best for you! After all, even if you have the best nutrition program in the world - on paper - it doesn't do you much good if you can't stick with it in practice!

1. NO FOCUS: you didn't set goals, you didn't put your goals in writing, and or you didn't stay focused on your goals daily (by reading them, affirming them, looking at a vision board, etc.)
2. NO PRIORITIES: you may have set a goal, but you didn't put it on or near the top of your priorities list. For example, your goal is six pack abs, but drinking beer and eating fast food on the weekend is higher on your priorities list than having a flat stomach.
3. NO SUPPORT SYSTEM: you tried to go at it alone; no buddy system, training partners, family, spouse, friends, mentors or coaches to turn to for information and emotional support when the going got tough.
4. NO ACCOUNTABILITY - you didn't keep score for your own accountability - with a progress chart, weight record, measurements, food journal, training journal, and you didn't set up external accountability (ie, report to someone else or show your results to someone else)
5. NO PATIENCE: you were only thinking short term and had unrealistic expectations. You expected 10 pounds a week or
5 pounds a week or 3 pounds a week, so the first week you lost "only" 1 or 2 pounds or hit a plateau, you gave up.
6. NO PLANNING: you winged it. You walked into the gym without having a workout in hand, on paper, you didn't plan your workouts into your weekly schedule; you didn't have a menu on paper, you didn't make time (so instead you made excuses, like "I'm too busy")
7. NO BALANCE: your diet or training program was too extreme.
You went the all or nothing, "I want it now" route instead of the moderate, slow-and-steady wins the race route.
8. NO PERSONALIZATION: your nutrition or training program was the wrong one for you. It might have worked for someone else, but it didn't suit your schedule, personality, lifestyle, disposition or body type.

So there you have it - 8 reasons why most people to fall off the wagon! Have you been making these mistakes? If so, the solutions are clear and simple: focus, prioritize, get support, be accountable, be patient, plan, balance and personalize.
Train hard & Expect success,
Tom Venuto

Monday, January 26, 2009

2009 Week THREE - Perseverance

Today's Weight - 335 (-6.2/-25.8)

I averaged 1918 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 48%, Fat - 28%, Protein - 24% and Alcohol - 0%. Returning to a full week with only a couple minor "Nutritional and Health Distractions" (NAHD for further reference :-) ) was nice. I'd like to move the Fat down 8% and the protein up 8% and then I'd feel REAL good about it. I remain motivated and upbeat about this process and I feel a little different this time as opposed to any other time. Its kind of like I am at piece with the process and feel more "EVEN KEEL" with it. I worked out three times last week with two workouts being very good and one was kind of "Half Assed".

Perseverance - The dictionary has the following definition for perseverance:
1. steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

NAHD = "Nutritional and Health Distractions", my new catch phrase for times when you could be swayed to the "dark" side. In all seriousness these are "opportunities" for failure where you need to remain focused and get your guard up a little bit. I had a couple of these instances this week and handled them VERY WELL.

NAHD #1 - Poker night last Monday. This is always an opportunity to go off the deep end and if I ever wanted to just GIVE UP poker night would afford the opportunity to do it. Now, with that being said, it was held at Matt's last week and Matt and Michelle did a great job providing a healthy option which was AWESOME, some cantaloupe, turkey, wheat bread, grapes and other healthy options. When the healthy option is there its much easier to stay focused. I will admit I had a couple of chocolate chip cookies in addition to the other healthy options but I WONT beat myself up about that at all.

NAHD #2 - Sunday Baptism. This was more about control and discipline than anything else. Pulled pork, taco salad, macaroni salad and french bread. I had some of each and even went back for a little extra taco salad (it was SO awesome - one of my favorites) but remained disciplined throughout the rest of the day to balance off the entire day and still stay under my 2000 calories goal. I passed on what looked like the BEST cake in the world. I wont KID you, I REALLY wanted some of that cake and ice cream and I also wanted to take the ENTIRE BOWL of taco salad and go hide in some closet somewhere and devour it ALL.

These type of things (NAHD) are going to happen and they aren't things you can just NOT go too so you have to practice keeping it together "between the ears". MENTAL TOUGHNESS and "Perseverance" really the key to my success right now and probably forever.

I look to make it another 6.2 pound week this week, that would put me at an even 32 pounds off for January - I'll take it baby. Think of the 5 pound bag of sugar you buy at the grocery store, 6 of those = WOW that is a lot... Better yet think of that 30 pound dumbbell you use for curls or shoulder presses. It really puts 30 pounds into perspective.

PS: My clothes are fitting much looser than before YEA...

Until next time - Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT

Friday, January 23, 2009

Twice the Man NAILS IT

I found this blog entry by TWICE the MAN very inspirational and just had to share. The talk of KILLING THE FAT man hit a home run with me...


Donut FRIDAY's - People are great.

Well, you see we have this tradition, as do most office settings, of someone bringing treats on Friday's. Usually donuts or bagels and cream cheese or coffee cakes or something similar. The last time it was my turn I brouht a dozen donuts for the team and also brought Oranges, I had the orange. Well it seems to have caught on and at one point I was going to bow out of the rotation but as the manger for the team I just hadn't yet. It continued today, Leonard was in charge and he brought donuts, bagels and a FRESH FRUIT tray with pineapple, canteloupe and grapes. Now thats awesome, I can easly bypass the donuts for fresh fruit when that is an option and it seems to be becoming the norm now... YAY...

Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 - Week TWO - PRACTICING Nutritional Discipline

Today's Weight - 341.2 (-3.2/-19.8)

I averaged 1980 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 51%, Fat - 25%, Protein - 24% and Alcohol - 0%. (I cant tell you this is 100% exact this week but it is VERY close) A decent balance and I am very excited about the Alcohol balance remaining at ZERO. I had a high day of over 2700 calories on Saturday but had planned ahead and made the MOST of the early part of the week by being EXTRA "Good" and focused on my nutrition.

The BOYS Trip - We had one our bi-annual boys fishing trip this past weekend (I mentioned it previously) and I knew it would be a challenge on several fronts but I made a promise to myself and I planned on keeping it.

I did pack a cooler and ate VERY well during this trip. I had oatmeal and bananas for breakfast while some others were having scrambled eggs, cheese, sausage ETC. I had a bowl of soup at the restaurant while others ate burgers and sandwiches etc. I had grilled chicken breasts and a chef salad for dinner while others ate Steaks, and other less healthy stuff. You kind of get the idea. One stop was one of our traditional stops, the GENOA Tavern for red beers and the best pizza in that part of the state. Usually TWO large MEAT LOVERS split between three or four of us, this time it was ONE large split four ways which essentially amounted to one of those personal pizza's you see at the pizza joints. It was SOOOOOO Good, I had to fight myself to not devour more and order more but discipline is good sometimes, I think it helps build changes in one's mentality.

I will say nobody even tempted me with food as they all know what I am trying to accomplish and they were very supportive. Actually, its not like we are a bunch of "FOOD Heathens" and in all reality this group of guys is all pretty much focused on being healthier in general too. None other than one is very LARGE like me and he's probably 260ish but a bit taller than me too. Most of the guys are 230ish trying to be 190ish and that is a GREAT challenge for them as well. Then there are the last two skinny bastards, (JUST KIDDING) naturally more slender and fit but they both work at it as well, running and push ups and and stuff like that to keep them where they are. And one more fella who was a 230ies guy for a LONG time and HAS SUCCESSFULLY changed hiself of the last several years and now maintains the 170 ish he is at and looks GREAT and hasn't looked back. (you kind of are a roll model even if I haven't told you that as of late)...

Now, on the drinking front, it was a little more challenging. You see, I am generally the one who can be counted on the "Liven" up things, shotgunning beers and taking shots and generally getting a little "LOOSE" at times. Its been well documented that the hangovers installed on our weekends are sometimes the stuff of legend. At one point in time we were keeping "Records" of items of interest, kind of a fun thing to help recollect some of the history of our trips. You know like "Most Fish Caught in a Weekend" or "Longest roadtrip to get to destination" etc. We'll we once set a record of almost 270 beers drank in a weekend, I think this weekend we may have set a record for LEAST beers drank in a weekend, I'd be very surprised if there were 50 or 60 drank over the entire weekend this time. I am not quite positive but I am "pretty" sure not ONE guy was hung over during our trip - I guess it SUCKS getting old.

I have to SAY there were a couple of points in the weekend where I wanted to grab a pitcher of red beer and SLAM it, or a can of beer and shotgun it BUT, I REALIZE discipline is good sometimes, is DEFINATELY helps to build changes in ones mentality.

I have to give KUDOS to my friend Eric who has very recently quit smoking and did AWESOME over this weekend. I know he had a bigger challenge than I had to face this weekend and really did well.

This week will include more working out and another good balance of nutrition, I look for 6 pounds this week. Until next time...

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT...

Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 Week ONE - "A New Hope"

We've got a little something going on with Matt and Eric, you see we are taking a trip and leaving on April 3rd and we want to lose a hundred between the three of us by then. I am responsible for the first 50 and they'll get the other 50 so we are OFF.

Today's weight - 344.4

I averaged 1870 calories a day over the last week with the following breakdown. Carbs - 55%, Protein - 20%, Fat 25%, and Alcohol - 0%. - Not a perfect balance but a whole heck of a lot better than the previous month. I've gone on the WAGON until April 1st so that Alcohol count ill be ZERO until then if all goes well.

I feel really focused on good nutrition this round, it needs to become second nature and a lifetime change. Moderation has never been something I have had the ability to focus on when it comes to eating and drinking, it seems like its always PEDAL TO THE METAL when it comes to both. I once set a record at the Godfathers pizza buffet in college, 17 pieces of pizza eaten. I also have been know ( back in the day ) to order 12 Cheeseburgers, a Big Deluxe and a small diet coke at the local fast food choke and puke. So its never been anything I was any good at, oh yea in spurts I could get focused but its never been LIFELONG as of yet, so that's one thing I am really keying on. There is a difference between being in weight loss mode and being in maintenance mode and I haven't quite figured out the maintenance mode thing yet BUT, I WILL.

I did work out 4 times last week which was obviously huge and I also had a lot of water weight to lose due to gorging myself over the holidays. HELL I sat my FAT ass in the basement one night over the holidays and ate a whole bag of Hershey's kisses, the thing was, I wasn't even hungry when doing it. I know I've got to get it right "between the ears" this time, no more eating whole bags of potato chips, 25 boneless wings with cheesy potato's at BWW, and no more 20 drink nights partying.

I am gearing up for a challenge this week, we've got our boys trip next weekend and that's usually not a nutritional balance BUT we'll make it work this time. I am planning a menu and packing a cooler with my own food. NO, I wont get all messed up and eat and drink like a HOG this weekend, this I promise (I promise it to myself most importantly).

Obviously the first week is always a SHOCKING week to your system when you start to focus on your health and I know there will be challenges, there will be weeks when I struggle and post a GAIN for the week and I also know this is a LONG process, I didn't get here overnight. BUT I am tired of losing the same 50 pounds over and over again. I want to get to the point where I am in new and uncharted territories. Under 300 for one would be a new and uncharted territory not reached since probably 1985. Enough blabbing for now...

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT - B

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've been BAD

We'll with the new year comes a new set of goals. I've been bad over the holidays and my weight is ugly... 361 Sunday night and feeling really big and TIRED all the time. BUT I have spirit and dammit I am going after it, making 2009 my year to make it happen. I know I can take off the pounds as I have done it in the past and will do it again, the thing I have to work out somehow is staying motivated and making this a lifestyle change. I always get to the point where I am feeling good and making good progress then let it slip. To lose 110 pounds in 2007 basically and gain 50 pounds in 2008 really pisses me off. If I had kept focus in 2008 I'd be where I want to be by now - SO focus it is. I've got to fight through the fatigue I am experiencing right now and once I get stronger that should become less of an issue. I mean I WAKE UP TIRED right now.

Eric, Matt and I are working at supporting each other as they are ready for a change too, Being obese very tiring and its got to be a lifestyle change. I know Travis is on the journey too so there should be plenty of support around here.

I am not going to get so wrapped up in the numbers as much as the action, I will use the scale to measure progress but wont be fanatical about it. I am going to take monthly pictures too so I can see where I was once I get where I want to be.

I got a small workout in yesterday and kept my calories at 2000 for the day, we'll get another one in today and go from there. AND OH, by the way I am on a personal journey to go on the WAGON for 90 days, if nothing else to see if I can do it and also to eliminate ALL of those empty calories.

Regaining the Faith and FIGHTING THE FAT again....

PS: I am calling out Matt Martin to get back on it again too as well as my brother Richard, make no excuses baby if a slacker like me can do it you surely can.

Be afraid, be very afraid...