Monday, June 1, 2009

Well, OKAY

May was a slight net gain (2.8 pounds) and I wasn't focused BUT, June is another month and I will make progress. We've been doing a LOT of bike riding and plan to continue doing so over the summer. Eric and I kind of have become somewhat addicts so this will no doubt help with our exercise. We put together a club for biking and so far there are THREE of us in the PACK. You can see the link to the left in this blog.

ANYHOW - Trying to speak with my actions more than my words for the month of June. I hope you are all winning your war. May was a battle I barely lost and in June we'll make a recovery. Anybody LOCAL want to ride for exercise, we'll be going several times a week, let me know.




"The Captain" said...

I gained a little this week also. I am back up to 292.1 We will turn this around by the 4th of July!!

CactusFreek said...

You'll be right. It's a minor thing compared to what you've accomplished :o)

Moby Dick said...

You can do it my friend!! I am down to 245 in spite of anyone's hate mails!! I keep chugging along because I want to lose weight for me! You have to do it for yourself and then you will succeed!!

Twice the Man said...

you can do this Brad, keep focused!