Monday, June 15, 2009

Low Point for the YEAR

-3.2 pounds this last week. It feels good to be at my low point for the year, lets see what we can do to bust through this "area" where I've spent a LOT of my adult life. Another 60 plus miles on the bike should help.

Keep the Faith and Fight the Fat - BC


Kim Ayres said...

Great to make that drop :)

CactusFreek said...

That's awesome Brad! :o)

Twice the Man said...

You were close to this weight in March and once during last year Brad, don't let this be a slip up point, so hold back on the celebrating until you really amaze yourself, you know you could be under 300 by the end of July if you really wanted it, Just Do It! --- did you not say that would be your new motto, I have faith in you to do it, you have that faith too and you will suprise yourself with what you can accomplish

Sayre said...

Yay!!! Go, Brad, GO!

Omega "3 Legged Dog" said...

Looking for this weeks update!

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