Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March 2009 Recap

You know March was only a 4.2 pound month but in looking at it from a high level, I wont be upset with it. It was a loss, I had one week in there where I really didn't put forth the efforts and GAINED several pounds for the week, even if that week is a break even week that would have made March a 12 pound month and I would have been very happy with that. I have to say my calories are up, my fat content is up and my alcohol consumption is up so its no wonder it wasn't something AWESOME, BUT I wont classify it as a disappointment cause it wasn't.

March Counts
Ave Cal - 2169/day
Ave Fat - 36%
Ave Carb - 37%
Ave Protein - 20%
Alcohol Consumption - 8%
Feb Weight Loss - 4.2lbs.
2009 Weight Loss - 41.2lbs.
2009 Weekly Average - 3.49lbs

I have to say I am at a point I've been MANY times before in my battle. Feeling pretty good, feeling strong, wearing smaller clothes, getting a few compliment and all in all in a GOOD place. Its easy at that point to become distracted as I've done many times before so I am not on GUARD for that to happen. To be honest I enjoy now working out more than I have in the last 20 years and wont let that end. I really want this to be a lifetime habit and I think I am at a crucial point in turning that corner and gaining it as a HABIT not a NEED.

Part of what helps me be successful is being ANAL about tracking my dietary intake, I haven't missed a day since January 5th when I "Restarted" my journey. For me its a constant reminder of the task at hand and helps me keep focus. NOW, moving forward I wont be physically going the the computer to track this each and every day, it can get monotonous, boring and time consuming. I am going to rely in my knowledge and my internal "clock" so to speak to help me with this process - If its going to be a lifestyle change and become a habit then it needs to be transparent and just part of the daily routine so this is the challenge ahead for me.

With all this being said April will be a big challenge for me as several of us head out on a 9/10 day cross country trip on Friday morning. We're pulling my camper and going to Augusta National for a day (The Masters) and then on to Myrtle Beach and Pinehurst among other stops. I call it taking a break from reality and from the GRIND of the office and everything else, exercise and diet will still be on my mind and I wont go off the diet and go CRAZY while we are gone but I do intend on having a little fun on the trip. I wont blog here until I get back but if all goes well I'll get a few pics up on our camping blog during our trip. The Link is on the top left of this blog if interested. A net ZERO for the next 10 days would be FANTASTIC but a plus 2 or 3 would be okay. Now, there is a LOT of physical activity planned over the next 10 days so who knows I may even drop a couple of pounds - Either way FUN in moderation is my goal, I haven't used a vacation day yet this year and its been a long cold winter so I deserve this break. If you're so inclined pray for our safety...

Thanks for listening,

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT.... - B


"The Captain" said...

Great job on the weight loss. When you get under 300 it will all be worth it!!!

CactusFreek said...

4+ pounds is still a good loss :o)

"The Captain" said...

Squirt and I gave you a shout on the new podcast on

Half Man said...

You are heading in the right direction. You will be below 300. Just keep going!

Anonymous said...

Losing 4.2 lbs beats the alternatives, numb-nuts. I lost about 3 lbs last month and you didn't hear me crying about it. Good thing this isn't a western movie or I would have to get into a bar brawl with you right about now, pardner.