Monday, April 27, 2009


323.2 this morning for a 3 pound loss last week. Here is the kicker I had made almost 6 pounds for the week by Saturday morning. Saturday night I did a little overindlugence with a few Margaritas, Blue Yummy's, some Single Barrel and my buddy JONNIE. ANYHOW, Three pounds for the week is okay by me, no doubt about it. My nutrition was great last week outside of Saturday so that is pretty much back on track, I only worked out once and that was kind of half hearted so all in all it is what it is. NOW, this week I need OVER 4 pounds to avoid a NET GAIN for the month of April. I am feeling motivated to make SURE that happens so stay tuned for more to come.... HELLO GYM, remember me????

Keep the Faith and FTF...


Sayre said...

Yahoo!!!! Congratulations on finding the horse and getting back on it!

Mine seems to have wandered off into the weeds. Must locate it.

"The Captain" said...

Booze can always get you. I know it does me. Great job on the 3 lb loss!!!