Friday, October 23, 2009

Sloppy Mess

I am a sloppy mess right now, I can't get my simple little mind to wrap itself around becoming healthy...  I am giving myself to the end of this month to get ready and get it together.  To actually GROW UP mentally and take this VERY seriously.  Doc did give me a second blood pressure pill earlier this week, how many kicks in the ass do I need from him. 

350 pounds this morning!!!!!  UGH, FRUSTRATION, DEPRESSION, PAIN, AGONY....  Maybe I need FAT guy counseling...  Dunno but I better get it figured out pretty soon this UP AND DOWN BULLSHIT is hard on my mental capacity. 

285 would be Graduation weight and my 25 Year Reunion is 7 Months away, that would be 65LBS.  ?????  I dunno, I am tired of putting down weight goals only to come CLOSE than end up short...

No Excuses, I am LAZY... 

Not Currently FIGHTING THE FAT....



Kim Ayres said...

2 suggestions.

1. Stop thinking in terms of weight loss and start thinking in terms of eating healthily. You are not looking to lose weight, you are looking to put the kind of food into your mouth that does your body good - gives you the right balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates etc, in order for your body to work well.

2. One day at a time. Can you get to the end of today only eating healthily?

Just today?

Forget about tomorrow - can you make it through to 10pm, then clean your teeth, then get through until bedtime?

Just today?

Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

Now each day, just aim to get to the end of today.

If you keep focussing on the idea of losing 150lbs in so many months it will continue to overwhelm you.

All you are doing today is eating healthily today. Just get through to lte this evening. That's all.


Sayre said...

Kim makes a lot of sense. I should listen to him too.

I feel your pain, Brad. I got sick and after I got well... I just didn't get back with it. Nearly a month has gone by. No scale. A little walking. But the motivation has evaporated. Working on gettin git back.

Brad said...

Kim, you're spot on... One day at a time, its escaped me so far but that just may be the key to long term success... THANK YOU...