Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 - Week TWO - PRACTICING Nutritional Discipline

Today's Weight - 341.2 (-3.2/-19.8)

I averaged 1980 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 51%, Fat - 25%, Protein - 24% and Alcohol - 0%. (I cant tell you this is 100% exact this week but it is VERY close) A decent balance and I am very excited about the Alcohol balance remaining at ZERO. I had a high day of over 2700 calories on Saturday but had planned ahead and made the MOST of the early part of the week by being EXTRA "Good" and focused on my nutrition.

The BOYS Trip - We had one our bi-annual boys fishing trip this past weekend (I mentioned it previously) and I knew it would be a challenge on several fronts but I made a promise to myself and I planned on keeping it.

I did pack a cooler and ate VERY well during this trip. I had oatmeal and bananas for breakfast while some others were having scrambled eggs, cheese, sausage ETC. I had a bowl of soup at the restaurant while others ate burgers and sandwiches etc. I had grilled chicken breasts and a chef salad for dinner while others ate Steaks, and other less healthy stuff. You kind of get the idea. One stop was one of our traditional stops, the GENOA Tavern for red beers and the best pizza in that part of the state. Usually TWO large MEAT LOVERS split between three or four of us, this time it was ONE large split four ways which essentially amounted to one of those personal pizza's you see at the pizza joints. It was SOOOOOO Good, I had to fight myself to not devour more and order more but discipline is good sometimes, I think it helps build changes in one's mentality.

I will say nobody even tempted me with food as they all know what I am trying to accomplish and they were very supportive. Actually, its not like we are a bunch of "FOOD Heathens" and in all reality this group of guys is all pretty much focused on being healthier in general too. None other than one is very LARGE like me and he's probably 260ish but a bit taller than me too. Most of the guys are 230ish trying to be 190ish and that is a GREAT challenge for them as well. Then there are the last two skinny bastards, (JUST KIDDING) naturally more slender and fit but they both work at it as well, running and push ups and and stuff like that to keep them where they are. And one more fella who was a 230ies guy for a LONG time and HAS SUCCESSFULLY changed hiself of the last several years and now maintains the 170 ish he is at and looks GREAT and hasn't looked back. (you kind of are a roll model even if I haven't told you that as of late)...

Now, on the drinking front, it was a little more challenging. You see, I am generally the one who can be counted on the "Liven" up things, shotgunning beers and taking shots and generally getting a little "LOOSE" at times. Its been well documented that the hangovers installed on our weekends are sometimes the stuff of legend. At one point in time we were keeping "Records" of items of interest, kind of a fun thing to help recollect some of the history of our trips. You know like "Most Fish Caught in a Weekend" or "Longest roadtrip to get to destination" etc. We'll we once set a record of almost 270 beers drank in a weekend, I think this weekend we may have set a record for LEAST beers drank in a weekend, I'd be very surprised if there were 50 or 60 drank over the entire weekend this time. I am not quite positive but I am "pretty" sure not ONE guy was hung over during our trip - I guess it SUCKS getting old.

I have to SAY there were a couple of points in the weekend where I wanted to grab a pitcher of red beer and SLAM it, or a can of beer and shotgun it BUT, I REALIZE discipline is good sometimes, is DEFINATELY helps to build changes in ones mentality.

I have to give KUDOS to my friend Eric who has very recently quit smoking and did AWESOME over this weekend. I know he had a bigger challenge than I had to face this weekend and really did well.

This week will include more working out and another good balance of nutrition, I look for 6 pounds this week. Until next time...

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT...


Twice the Man said...

sounds like a great weekend and a great group of guys to help you stay on target. Have a great week!

"The Captain" said...

Congrats on the loss!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Big Fat Fucking Bastard:

I can only imagine how it must have felt to be the big fucking douchebag at the boys trip who could not be one of the boys.

If you had stayed on your fucking diet six months ago then you could have been chugging beer with your buddies, but you fucked up, dickhead.

Now is your chance to make things right, so that a few months from now when the next trip comes, you can be a fucking man and drink beer with your pals and fart and eat scrambled eggs and burp and eat all the other good stuff and you will know that you can lose the ten pounds and you won't feel bad.

YOUR GOAL: UNDER 300 before the next trip.


Yeldarb said...

OMEGA, I love your gentle style. But, as usual you are generally SPOT ON with your observations... :-)