Monday, March 16, 2009

Week 10 - The Right Direction

Today's Weight = 325.4 (-3.6 wtd/-35.6 ytd)

I averaged 1967 calories last week with the following breakdown; Carbs - 40%, Fat - 33%, Protein - 21% and Alcohol - 5%.

I had hoped for more after last weeks major set back but I'll take it. Saturdays are a key day when weigh ins are on Monday and Saturday was by far my worst day so I can be happy with the loss this week. I actually only worked out twice last week so I pretty much got what I deserved. My nutrition was really good with the exception of Saturday so with two more workouts and a good Saturday it could have been a couple of pounds more. Oh, Well, we are moving in the right direction and overall since the 5th of January I am down over 35 pounds so, once again I'll take it.

Doesn't look like we'll make our 100 pounds by the masters trip but 80 would still be pretty darn good, actually the progress we've made overall is really pretty darn good.

Trying to regain a little focus this week and hit 4 workouts and NO BAD days nutritionally so we'll see how that goes.

Keep the Faith and FIGHT THE FAT - Bc


Moby Dick said...

Fucking A!!! Awesome! You are within striking distance of Captain Jeff and his evil Mango!!

Omega said...

Kick ass. how many workouts have you done so far??

Omega said...

Let's beat these beyotches!

Yeldarb said...

3 workouts so far this week, the next one will be on Sunday evening, all is going well so far, looking for 320 on the scale on Monday...