Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Question for the Day...

Okay, has anyone heard of HCG or actually has anyone had any first hand experience with it...?


Kim Ayres said...

I haven't heard of it, but I'm instinctively wary of any "quick fix" sales pitches.

We KNOW the right way of doing things - we eat healthily and exercise when we can. We might want or need more information on different recipies for more taste experience, or advice on how to exercise when our body's aren't capable of certain kinds of activity.

But that's about technique.

Quick fix options, not only never work (or if they do in the short term, they are devestating in the long term), they fool us into false mindsets.

You already know the right way to eat - the fight is not with the food, it's with your self esteem and motivation

CactusFreek said...

Not me. And i agree with Kim. We know what to do :o)

Sayre said...

VLC is part of the regimen... Which doesn't sound very healthy to me. 500 calories is not enough to run your body in a healthy way. I would be extremely leery of doing this, no matter how great it sounds.

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"The Captain" said...

Hit 295 this morning. Let's set up another challenge for Valentines day with twicetheman and spidey!!!

Sayre said...

You don't suck. You got sidetracked, bored, busy... but you're still aware and still working on it. Don't discount that.

After a year, I am right back where I started. It is a bummer, but I'm going to keep working on it. You will too!

prashant said...

we eat healthily and exercise when we can. We might want or need more information on different recipies for more taste experience.
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