Friday, October 31, 2008

FRIDAY Weigh In - 10/31/08

Today: 336.6
Last Time: 338.4
Week Lost: 1.8
Month Lost: 18.0
Lost Since OCT 1st: 18.0
Max Density: 418.0
Total Lost since MAX: 81.4 lbs.
Current Goal: 299.9 before Jan 1, 2009
To Goal: 36.7
To Achieve:
68 Days/ .60 lbs per day
8 Weeks: 4.58 lbs per week
2.0 Months: 18.35 lbs per month

Progress I guess. We'll the next two months have to be better to be where I want to be. The thing of it is I watched my food intake pretty well last week but didn't get to the gym or on the bike or anything extra. I AM GOING for this goal so this weekend I will get everything in order to become a workout FOOL for the next two months. If you don't combine working out with managing your consumption then you are really HALF ASSING it. I Guess that's what I did for the month of October SO, CARDIO and WEIGHTS and a BUNCH of walking here I come. I can be happy with an 18 pound month but wont be happy if I don't have a 20 pound month in November.

Why is it so DAMN hard to do the right thing. I guess I have to work better on keeping the temptations at bay and getting my will power in full gear. When it really comes right down to it WILL POWER is the key.


CactusFreek said...

It is hard to keep the momentum up, but you are doing a fantastic job!
Perhaps you could read over your most inspiring posts to pick up on the vibes?
Have you read Dr.Phils weight loss book? He talks about will power being a myth and it's quite refreshing.

"The Captain" said...

Weighed in at 289

Twice the Man said...

We have much in common, I weighed 405 to start this year and need to lose about 30 to get under 300 for new years. Lean on me all you need, we can do this.

Spider63 said...

Who is MAX? By the way, you do not have much in common with Twice the Mango, since he is a crybaby and a quitter. You have two things he may lack, and guess what those two things are??

Twice the Man said...

wow spider. Let's spread the support and not the retort. Yes I have backslide in the past, but I am now at my lowest weight since 2002, my bp medication was reduced this week and my weight is down 73 pounds since early May 2008 and over 100 pounds less then my top weight. Yes we have slip but by supporting not attacking each other when we slip, we can become stronger and eventually win over obesity.

CactusFreek said...

Gee Spider, Did you take a bitch pill?? lol