Monday, April 21, 2008

2008 - Week 15 Update

Weight Today: 330.0
Lost this Year: 8.6lbs
Total Since MAX: 88lbs
April Goal: 323.4 (yikes)

I did hit the weights once last week and once two weeks ago and just can't get that JUMP Start I need to get more focused on the issue at hand. I feel like I am busy all the time but that's just an excuse to not exercise. Everyone is always only as busy as they want to be and can do a better job of prioritizing. I did however get a few miles in on the bike over the course of the last two weeks and feel that my bike BUTT is better now and with the weather getting better its only a matter of time before I am ready for the TACO RUN. A better effort this week I promise.

My spiritual life is a little off as well, maybe its just that time of year. Maybe a trip to MSGR Dunne this week is in order. :-)

By no means am I "down in the dumps" about either of these things I just know when both are in HIGH gear there's no better feeling.

Keep the Faith and Fight the Fat - B

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Spider63 said...

Congrats, Fat Fuck. Ever leave a comment for someone else? Have you heard of the concept of give to get?