Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Finally Ready Again

I am finally ready to make a concerted effort toward improving my health. I made HUGE progress last year and kind of rested on my laurels so to speak, still working but not putting my WHOLE efforts into it, so its time again.

Sunday I got 4 miles in on the bike and last night I went for an hour and got in about 10 miles and finally found the West Papio Trail. It's so much nicer and safer to be on the trail that to travel through town stopping at stop signs, dodging cars and riding on the narrow sidewalks at times. I've got a headlight and a taillight on my bike so completing this at 10pm was really no big deal.

I am excited and feel refreshed today and ready to do it again. Golf league tonight and then back to the trail on Thursday night. We'll be camping this weekend but will take the bikes along too so look for some good exercise over the weekend too.

Only a MONTH left in the 4th of July Challenge and I WILL win it FOR SURE. There is no doubt in my mind.


Spider63 said...

I love bicycling! I agree with you that the streets are very dangerous, and I like trails a lot better. Check out my bike post later today!

Spider63 said...

Check out the bike post! Where is your biking photo?

CactusFreek said...

By the look of your weight stats on the side bar, you should be a shoe in to win!!

CactusFreek said...

What bike post??