Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Morning Weigh In

A couple of pounds this last week is okay with me. Getting the ball rolling and its at the top of the hill just starting down the hill, its moving, its getting ready to start picking up speed. A couple of workouts last week, some push ups, extra walking, yep, I feel good about it.

The Best is Yet to Come...



CactusFreek said...

That's the spirit! Each day that you put effort in, the easier you make it for the next days motivation! :o)

Anonymous said...

Good job, Brad!!! Norma and I walk 2 miles every morning. I hate getting up at 5:45 every morning, but something about keeping my newly rebuilt heart ticking keeps me going. (that and Norma kicking me in the butt)

Keep up the good work!!

Greg C.