Thursday, January 28, 2010

Biggest Loser - Week 3

I squeeked out a 2 lb loss this past week and that gives me 11.2 in three weeks.  A couple of folks did REAL well this week and I dropped to 5th or 6th place. 

NOW, I am about to head out on our biannual BOYS fishing trip, or at least thats what we call it. 10 GREAT friends from the TKE House at college, we've been close for a LONG time and its always a WONDERFUL time when we make the time to get together like this.  We'll be in the middle of the sandhills of Nebraska about 4 hours west of Omaha in the wonderful town of  Taylor Nebraska (population 176)... :-)

I've got to be somewhat good and keep my wits about myself diet wise and nutrition wise.  There will be some drinking going on and a LOT of opportunity for unhealthy eating.  I will hit the grocery store on the way out of town this afternoon and pick up specific healthy stuff for me so if my willpower is unwavering everything will be okay, If NOT, I need your prayers....  :-)  Wish me luck...

Keep the Faith and FIGHT the FAT...



FogDog said...

Good Luck!
Fogdog Weight Loss

Eat To Live said...

good job on your loss this week.


CactusFreek said...

Nice, tidy loss :o)
Treat yourself to some healthy snacks you don't usualy get to take with you. That way the unhealthy food wont seem so atractive coz you'll be looking forward to your own stash :o)