Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Girl Scout Cookies - "YUMMY"

Why are the good things in life so bad for you... :-) Now, before I go too far with this rant I want you to know that I support the Girl Scouts and what they do and have done for girls throughout the years. This isn't a Girl Scout bashing post just some simple facts having to do with their DARN addictive cookies.

All of these numbers are based on their Peanut Butter Patties, MY FAVORITE...

There was an article I read in one of the Omaha monthly publications that stated the OMAHA grils scouts set a RECORD by selling 750,000 boxes of cookies this year. Wow, WOW.... Thats basically one for every MAN, WOMAN and CHILD in the greater OMAHA metro area. I got to thinking after I CHOWED down my box of Peanut Butter Patties last night, WHAT HAVE I DONE. I turned the box over and to my HORROR I had just injested 8 searvings of PBP's at the tune of 150 calories per serving. I wanted to puke but I also deep down inside wanted the SAVOR the taste as I knew I didnt want to make this a habbit. :-)

My curiousity peaked and I pulled together some ball park numbers:
  • The average person riding 15 miles an hour on a bike for an hour can/could burn 1000 calories. (this may or may not be high based on different circumstances but we'll use this number for the sake of ease)
  • The average box of PBP's is 1200 calories - Hence, 1.2 Hours and 18 miles to burn off a box of PBP's
  • The Omaha Area Metro Area is said to have approximately 800,000 people in the area.
  • 750,000 boxes of GSC's @ 1200 calores a box would be 900 Million Calories !
  • One man would have to ride a bike 15 miles an hour, 24 Hours a DAY for 102.7 years to burn off that many calories. Impossible, so get 9 of your closest friends to help you and you'd each only have to do 10.2 years of biking 24/7.
  • He could go to the MOON AND BACK 23 times.
  • He would have to circle the Earth 542 times.
  • He could make the trip from NY to LA 5,507 times.
  • He would have to make the trip from Omaha to Scottsbluff (always seemed like a LONG drive to me) a total of 34,177 times.
  • He would have to circle a quarter mile track 54 MILLION times.
  • He would have to do 2,177,419 10 K's

This is not a ONE man battle, its everyone concern. SO, with that being said I need EVERYONE in the Omaha/Metro area to get out and get your 16.87 miles on the bike in this weekend. Yes, grandma and the new baby too....

Keep the Faith and Fight the Fat


PS: On the bright side that poor guy doing all the biking would only have to go 8% of the way to Saturn and turn around and come on back to get it done...

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Kim Ayres said...

There's something quite satisfying in the idea of getting my neighbours to take up cycling to help me lose the weight...