Monday, March 3, 2008

2008 - Week EIGHT Update

Weight Today: 330.2
+/- Since last week: +1.6
Total Loss Since MAXIMUM DENSITY: 87.8 lbs
Total Loss This Year: 8.4Lbs
February Loss: -4.6Lbs.

I won't complain about the small gain this week. My plans for my Houston trip went by the wayside. The gym was closed, but I could get a free pass to Balley's which was only a 20 minute drive from the hotel ???(^*(^$(). So, I thought to myself, how about a swim? Pool was closed @#!@#@^. We also ate like ROCK stars each night of the trip so I am totally at ease with my progress this last week. It could have been worse as I made up some ground the last half of the week with my nutrition. I actually cant wait to get it going again this week. I actually felt dissappointment at the fact that I couldn't get to the gym this week as opposed to the "Oh Well" that I seem to feel more often than not. I am looking for a very good week this week so we'll see how it goes.

My grandma surgery went well and they got the blockage out and she seems to be recovering very well. She's still at the hospital but I expect that will change in the next day or two. I plan to stop out and see her again over the lunch hour today, we'll see where everything stands then.

Did a little shopping for items for the Camper this weekend. I think we pretty much have it licked and are really CHOMPING at the bit to get our CAMP on.

Hit 5:30pm mass at St Leo last night. Fr. Larry Gillick was the Piest and he always has a way of making a good point and has a fun sense of humor. He's blind and part of his discussion last night talked about HEARING vs LISTENING. He talked of the conception that people who are blind tend to develope their other senses more to help offset the blindness. While he didnt know if his HEARING has developed any more or better because of his blindness he did know that he is a better LISTENER. BIG DIFFERENCE as we all hear a lot of things but when we stop and really LISTEN thats when we really HEAR.

We finally got over to see Travis and Sabra's new baby. Olivia Rose Mackey is a sweetheart, what a true blessing. We'd been sick and traveling so hadn't been there yet but I am glad to stop over and see her finally. Travis and Sabra, you are truely blessed.

Keep the Faith and Fight the Fat.


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