Sunday, February 24, 2008

2008 - Week SEVEN Update

Weight Today: 328.6
+/- Since last week: -5.4
Total Loss Since MAXIMUM DENSITY: 89.4 lbs
Total Loss This Year: 10 Lbs

So I am headed to Houston today on business so I weighed in a day early and KNEW I was having a good week. I am really happy with this past week. My nutrition was very good and I made it to the gym three times for both cardio and weight training. My motivation is getting better as the spring approaches, time to come out of hibernation mode...

Tomorrow my grandmother Liberty goes in for surgery. She is having a cyst or a pollyp removed from her intestine or colon (not exactly sure) and will have a lenghly recovery time. She's 89 years old and I can't recall her being in the hospital ever (my memory is not as sharp as it used to be) and has always been healthy as a horse. She's a strong willed woman and I am sure things will go okay but I know she's got to be pretty nervous. I've tried to reach her and my dad a couple of times today to visit a bit but no luck, so we'll try again later. Please send prayers for her successful surgery and recovery as well as prayers for the doctors and surgeons who will be working on her.

We picked up our new Travel Trailer on Saturday and we are all really pumped to get out and do some camping this year. We are looking to make a trip to the Black Hills as a big trip and many, many small trips throughout the season. We got a 30ft. grey wolf with a slide out so we are really STOKED. No more primitave camping for us... :-)

I am headed to the airport now, we'll report in again later. Wish me luck in the nutrition phase of my plan as its always harder when your on the road to eat like you should. One thing though is that I plan to work out each night while I am down there. No going out and partying since I gave up drinking for LENT...

Fight the Fat and Keep the Faith...


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Kim Ayres said...

over 5lbs is a great loss since last week.

Best of wishes for your grandmother