Monday, February 11, 2008

2008 - Week FIVE Summary

Today - 335.2 LBS

You know sometimes you bang your head against the wall and it actually hurts. Now, I know this isn't easy and I know I wont be perfect in my quest BUT I think sometimes your body simply gives you the finger and says it will be "MY WAY" not your way. Last week I did cardio twice to the tune of 50 minutes and 12 miles, I had 100 calories LESS a day on the average and 16 Grams of FAT less a day on the average but yet STILL managed to gain a half a pound. I swear that scale has a mind of its own. I felt I spread my eating over 5 different periods of the day and expected a little reward for my "better than LATE" focus. 2200 calories a day was my count this week as comparted to 2300 last week. According to everything I have ever read a guy my size should be able to lose on that amount of calories simply by the amount of calories a day it take to "RUN my body".

I've take some time and looked at some history and it appears to me that my water intake is down and my caffine intake is UP. SO, this week we'll go with decaf and more water. We'll also try REAL hard to make a day 2000 calories and 4 big cardio workouts and go from there.

I think my body LIKES where it is right now. This is basically where I was from 1986 to 1996 roughly so maybe this is what they call a "Set Point" which means harder work and MORE focus to crash through this darn thing. Like I've said before my goal has never been to be a 200 LB man, hell I'd look like BLADE at my height but I'd sure like to maintain myself in the 265 - 270 lb area.

PS: NO pancakes this week either...

Keep the Faith and Fight the FAT.


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AL said...

Think positive. The scale is a tough judge.