Thursday, February 14, 2008

Power of the Word

I hadn't been to Boys Town lunch time mass for probaby over 6 months at least. There was a time that I was going there pretty regularly and I really miss the service and the setting. I added more mass as a Lenten promise but I plan to continue on after Lent and go often during the week.

It's really a special place and a very, VERY spiritual setting. You can feel the spirit as you walk up to the doors of this church. You cant help leaving with a little extra bounce in your step and going on Wednesdays is a great way to break up the week and usually by Wednesday I could use a boost from the Holy Spirit.

One thing that makes it more special is when MSGR. Dunne presides over the mass. This man is the most genuine and holy man I know. His passion and pure LOVE for the Lord is clearly evident EVERY time he does the mass (actually every time you hear him speak or visit with him). Many times he's brought to near tears as he does the Eucharist. I've heard many of my Catholic bretheren call him a "Living Saint" and I definately can't argue that position. Its a GREAT blessing to hear him and just to be in his presence. I had the opportunity to work a CEC weekend where he was the spiritual coordinator a few years ago and it was as AWESOME of an experience as I've ever had. (more on cec down the line). As he was speaking I knew I was supposed to be at this particular mass at this particular time. He talked about "Mastering our Sins and Conquering our Pride". WOW, that hit me right in the MOUTH, he was speaking DIRECTLY to me. I'm totally clear now on a few things that I need to work on to become a more spiritual person and I'm so very glad he made it clear to me. Sometimes my "human-ness" gets in the way and makes things a little cloudy. If you ever get the opportunity to go to mass at Boys Town and hear MSGR. Dunne you'll not forget it. He's old now and has been in poor health off and on the past few years but I think GOD still has a plan for him and thats to speak to people like me.

Keep the Faith...



Jerry said...


I found your site via Cliff. So you're from that area, eh? I've been out to Cliff's three times now, and am planning on heading out there again this summer.

Boys Town has a beautiful grounds. I've never been to Mass there. Seems as though all of Omaha is moving out west in that direction.

Good luck with the weight loss!

Yeldarb said...

Thanks Jerry, I graduated from Tekamah in 1985 and still have family there. I've come to appreciate it more as I get older, the small town atmosphere is something people take for granted...